Working My Way Back

I went to the driving range yesterday for the first time since I injured my shoulder in early April. I was feeling pretty good and it was a cool, cloudy morning so I got out there early and bought a small bucket ($7). I can’t lift my bag [frowny face] so I only took a few irons to work with.


I took it real easy and only took half-swings. I don’t want to reinjure my shoulders—they both hurt now, I don’t know why—but I have to start working my way back.

I hit some decent shots, at least shots that made my heart feel good, but it hurt and I couldn’t finish the bucket. It made me sad to have to leave a dozen balls in the tray because I couldn’t hit them all. I didn’t want to push it; my shoulders were on fire and starting to swell. So I took a couple Alleve and a Vicodin, and I iced my shoulders and watched Mr. Selfridge on Amazon Prime. I am a little stiff today, but no real pain. Whew!

The shoulder joint is a very complicated thing.


I am also working on my stamina by walking around the hood every day. Golf is a bit of an endurance sport, it may look easy running around in those little carts, but it takes four-plus hours to play and you need stamina to hang in there for 18 holes. I have been sitting on my can for too long because even walking hurt. No more excuses, I’ve got an important game coming up at the end of the month and I want to give Cheryl a run for her money!


We have no plans for the Nation’s birthday this weekend, but we have several neighborhood parties and barbecues on the calendar in July. Tonight we are meeting friends for dinner in the Harbor.

As if living here wasn’t perfect enough, THISImage result for down arrow is just ten minutes away.


That’s all the news. Eat a hot dog for me!


  1. R - you are brave. Walking is a good idea. I tried to make ribs in the crock pot (not allowed to have the oven on), but they cooked too long. Tasty if you want boneless ribs. Love the harbour pic. Beautiful!



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