Epiretinal Membrane

I have recently been diagnosed with Epiretinal Membrane, or Macular Pucker. It’s not a happy thing, but the good news is I don’t have Macular Degeneration, which is what I was initially diagnosed with…whew, that was depressing!

So what is this thing? It’s a film, or tissue, that grows over the retina like Saran Wrap. Like used, wrinkled Saran Wrap. What causes it? Age, mostly. Genetics probably plays a part. Everything’s genetic nowadays. Hey—you live long enough, stuff goes south.

I googled it to try to get some pictures to show you what it looks like from my point of view, but I didn’t have much luck. This is kinda close, I do see things in pixels a little like the picture below. I have it in both eyes., but my right eye is way better than my left.


But that doesn’t really capture it. So I Photoshopped some pictures to show you.

The wrinkles aren’t laid out in a grid pattern like below, they’re more like random tree branches, but the idea is the same.


Looking at vertical lines is really difficult—I can’t stand to look at my stainless steel refrigerator, it makes me crazy. The lines are broken.


Thank goodness for my good eye!

The first time I noticed something was wrong, I could not see the green and white rope on the golf course. I couldn’t see it to step over it and almost did a face-plant on the fairway. I was bitching about why don’t they just make it solid white so you could see it, and my playing partner suggested I get my eyes checked.


Okay, so now what. They can do surgery and pull it off, but that’s some scary stuff—me not think so!




Enough about that! I am fine, and I am making excellent progress with my shoulder and my golf swing. 98%! I was going to play this week but decided to give it an extra week while I practice, practice, practice! Today I finished the whole bucket [small] and even used my driver. A milestone! How do I feel? I ache and I’m tired. But I’m not in pain.

We are going to a paver party tonight. What’s a paver party you ask? Well, down in the flats (as opposed to the hillside where we are) five houses are built around small cul-de-sacs, and the shared driveway/courtyard is covered with pavers. So one pod (I call ‘em pods because I don’t know the proper term) of five houses take turns hosting the other pods. JJ’s bridge partner lives in the host pod and we are invited. It’s a pot-luck and we are taking little meatballs in grape jelly and BBQ sauce. Weather promises to be postcard-perfect.


  1. As they say, "getting old isn't for sissies"..... How crummy with the eye thing but based on friends, I think its better than MD....altho neither sounds much fun. Glad to hear your hitting 'em again. Taking it slow is good....ask Tiger.
    Meanwhile, I tripped over a club at the driving range today and then landed on it......wrist, hip and knee are feeling bruised. And, not one old guy even glanced up from his golf ball.........!
    But we can still all party so life is good...........

  2. Hi, Rian. I came upon this post while researching macular pucker. I was diagnosed last year and trying to decide if surgery is the answer. Did you go through with the surgery? Difficult decision. BTW....your quilts are beautiful!! And I also enjoy golfing☺.......Karen


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