Wine Pairing Dinner

One thing JJ and I have going for us is JJ likes to open and share his fine wines (with thems that appreciate them), and I’m a pretty good cook. Well, maybe not such a good cook as the fact I that used to be in the restaurant business and I can cook for a crowd with no fear.

The stage is set. All we need are people. Happy people. Ten hungry, thirsty people.



Here’s what the menu says. It falls somewhere between a fancy sit-down dinner and an appetizer buffet.


We’ve never done a dinner party quite like this, it’s experimental. If it’s successful (i.e. worth the effort), we may do it often. In theory it sounds great but I do have to keep my wits about me and pay attention to the clock, at least until the lamb is on the platter and then I’m done. All the prep work was done yesterday. Nothing to do today but read my book and write this blog.

I don’t know that I’ll have time to snap photos of the food when it’s served up, it’s probably going to be pretty chaotic, so here’s what we’re having: Four courses—First course is shrimp cocktail and a cheese plate. Second course is stuffed mushrooms and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. Third course is rack of lamb, stir-fried steak bites, and asparagus. Yes, it’s labor intensive. But nothing’s too good for my sweetie, who wants to entertain his bridge friends. The fourth and final course is stilton cheese, dark chocolate, and fresh raspberries.



  1. Looks marvelous! What a fun idea!

  2. Honestly, Rian, with the menu, photos, and writing, you need to submit this as an article for a wine/food magazine or even Home & Garden or even AARP! So very impressive. I'm having left over meatloaf and Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon that is described with flavors of blackberries, chocolate & vanilla to enjoy with a Sunday roast, family & friends.



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