Fun and Friends

We had a few friends in this weekend. Our dear [old] friends Mike & Marty, who live in Paso Robles, were in town to take care of some tangled legal issues with her aging mother’s will, and they spent a few days with us. It was an impromptu visit and we had a nice, relaxing time together, playing cards and just hanging out together.

Mike and Jim share a passion for wine, and an appreciation of the finest wines. Here they are opening and tasting some luscious pinots and zins that Mike brought.


Over on the other side of the island, Marty makes the salad.


The best thing about friendships that span three decades is that you share so much history you are more than friends, and being together is like sliding into a pair of comfy slippers.


We had a surprise visitor in the parsley. I discovered him when I was gathering rosemary for the gluten-free focaccia I made. JJ jettisoned him over the fence for me. You gotta wonder how he found his way into this pot.


We love new friends too. This is Steve, a guy in my golf group. I introduced him to Holly, Michelle’s best friend, and they are having a great time together. So we had a little party to introduce everyone to each other. Steve is a jolly guy and we all approve. And we think Holly approves too.


This is Holly, who is like a daughter to us. She and Michelle met at Chico State. They are “sisters from different misters.” They are lovely, wonderful kids and we are so proud of them both. Holly is vice president at Hallmark Channel, and Michelle is an entrepreneur with a successful business brokering electricity. Just look at those mega-watt smiles.


We had a simple dinner of Pasta Four Ways. Holly is vegetarian so we had two kinds of sauce, one with meat and one without, and Michelle, Savannah, and I can’t do gluten, so we had two kinds of pasta. I managed to get one shot of the food, we had three antipasto platters—this meat one, and a pile of grilled zucchini, plus skewers of mini mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with basil and balsamic glaze that Holly brought.


Now we have mountains of dishes to do and I need to turn the guest room back to a studio. But it’s all good.


  1. Sis, glad to see pics of your friends, and, of course, the foods. xoxo M.


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