Day of the Dad

Fathers Day is one of the holidays WE traditionally host. In this case it’s good to be the eldest generation because the kids handle most of the holidays and we get to be guests. Being older does have its perks sometimes. The menu is always JJ’s choice. I made ribs, baked beans, and potato salad.  Everyone said the ribs were the best they’d ever had. I did them entirely in the oven because it was too hot to cook on the grill.

We had planned to have a picnic/barbecue but it was 95° so we stayed inside. We watched the U.S. Open and then we watched the Cavs trounce the Warriors. 

Savannah (8) and Papa had a silly staring contest with eyes closed. 

Savannah likes to watch Netflix in our room. She totally approves of the new bed.

We have had a cool, gloomy June. Until Friday when someone turned on the blast furnace. I adore cool foggy mornings but I have to say my mood noticeably lifted when the sun’s rays woke me up. Not that it was low to begin with.

I enjoy sitting out on the terrace with my morning espresso before the sun gets hot. Bliss.

In the absence of golf, I have been binge-watching Mr. Selfridge (PBS). What a great series! It’s a period piece, not unlike Downton Abbey, about a department store and the scandalous goings on among the staff at Selfridges Department Store in London in the early 1900s. Total fun.

The shoulder report is: GOOD! This round of PT is really helping. The therapist and I are both confident I’ll be able to play by mid-July, just in time for the dreaded hot weather. I can finally do things like pull up my knickers without searing pain. So things are looking up!


  1. Looks like a great celebration! We are off for Tahoe in the am. Yesterday was 122 and brutal. Today cooler but humid. Ready to get out of Dodge!


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