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This old gal is still dealing with a sore rotator cuff, but I am back in physical therapy (oh the pain) and I expect to be able to tee it up again in mid-July. Gawd, I hope. Not only can I not play golf, I can’t push a quilt, so I have been filling my days doing other things. Things like watching movies on the big TV, and reading. Next week I want to start a new quilt, I can at least do the piecing now, and I can swing a golf club a little, so I can practice. Fingers are crossed that these activities go well and I’ll be off and running. I miss golf a lot, and I miss my golfing friends too.

I made more pillows for the couch. We like this couch (a sectional), but the red doesn’t work in this room, so the pillows help mitigate the red for now.


We went to a few parties. One was on a boat. Here are a few of our pals, gathered on the bow. One of the best things about living among a bunch of fun neighbors is when you go to a party you know at least 75% of the people there and everyone is happy to see a familiar face, especially if you show up after they’ve had their first glass of wine.


It was misty and gloomy in Newport Bay today. Look, a little regatta (there is a sailing academy here).


The yacht once belonged to John Wayne. Now I wish I had taken a photo of the paintings of the Duke hanging in the salon. Oh well. He’s rather a celebrity in these parts, our airport is named for him. The Duke used to drink at the bar at Chez Cary, and he and JJ talked over drinks many times.

Oh look, someone got a photo.



We got a new bed. Boy, did we need one. We think the old mattress was 15 years old. We inherited it when we bought the desert house, so we aren’t sure, and it wasn’t a great mattress to begin with. That’s kind of freaky in itself. It had some pretty deep indentations when we got done with it. We decided to get a split mattress because JJ likes to sleep propped up otherwise he gets acid reflux. He would use five pillows to prop himself up and fight with them all night long (ask me how I know).

This is not our bed, but our bed does this. It’s pretty cool. I like raising it up for reading or watching TV, but when it’s time to go to sleep I like to be flat. One touch of a button does it. Notice how high off the floor it is. Ours was so high I felt like I was sleeping on a perch. We had them come back and put shorter legs on it so the short person (that would be me) could get in and out easier. I could do it okay, but who knows in five years. They were more than willing to fix it. Now I can sit on the bed and have my feet touch the floor, and I don’t have to do the high jump to get in.


Well it looks like we are getting low on wine so we’d better go to the store.



  1. Sis, love the split bed. Enjoy! xoxo, M.

  2. Bed is pretty and I bet comfortable.

    As far as the wine supply - it certainly does need a restocking. Maybe a bit of food to go in there as well!

    Supposed to be 117, 119 and 120 coming up in the next few days. Be happy that you got out of here. We are off to Tahoe on the 22nd for about 2.5 weeks. Son Scott is coming over from Honolulu to spend some time with us. Cruise to Alaska in Sept. and a visit to Friday Harbor to stay with friends. Can't wait for that one!

    Enjoy your summer.



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