Ob La Di

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La-la how the life goes on.

Thought I’d best check in lest anyone think I’ve floated away. I haven’t. I’m still standing.

I’ve been doing a lot of things, but not taking any pictures. What—a post without pictures? Almost!

Now here’s something completely different. They came to measure the floor to see where the slab has torqued. Why? Well, if you remember, things are slipping, pulling the walls away from the floor and ceiling here and there.



It’s called a manometer. Definition: An instrument for measuring the pressure acting on a column of fluid, with a U-shaped tube of liquid in which a difference in the pressures acting in the two arms of the tube causes the liquid to reach different heights in the two arms.

It appealed to my science-nerdness and I was completely curious. It’s actually a very simple concept, being that water seeks its own level. The water in the reservoir and hose is a constant. On the other end of the hose is a rod with a tube, and when the rod is touched to the floor, the water will go up or down if the floor is higher or lower in that spot. And then you get a map of the entire floor. Or, more correctly, the slab beneath.

It’s just another step in the ongoing saga of the five houses on our street whose slabs have torqued. No, it’s not fixed yet. Yes, they’re going to. It’s the when that’s impossible to pin down. Eventually.

In other news, my shoulder seems to be a little better this week. I wish I could say it was a lot better, but it’s a little better, at least I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m going to start physical therapy again. PT is seriously painful and I had to take some time off because my shoulder doesn’t like it one bit (read: I couldn’t take it no more). It likes better to do nothing at all, to be luxuriously perched on a pillow like a pampered pet. But that isn’t the best thing for it in the long run. Amazing how long it takes for something like this to heal. A broken bone would have healed by now (six weeks). Picture from Facebook: I miss my golf clubs. Seriously.


Our little neighborhood of 50 Del Webb homes (there are 286 residences in the geezer community) held a potluck party yesterday. We usually do a thing in the street on warm summer evenings, but this time we held a brunch. There used to be a big welcome center here, and now that the developers have moved on to greener pastures it has been turned into a big party room. It comes equipped with big round tables and chairs to seat 100, a commercial kitchen, and the big doors open up to comfy outdoor seating under the umbrellas. What a nice gift from the developers. We had about 70-80 people, and we had bloody marys, fruits, endless pastries and endless egg dishes (all with bread in them of course), ham, sausages, but NO BACON! Still, the brunch was fabulous.

After brunch our friends Tom & Deborah from Carlsbad came to look at the house two doors down that is going up for sale in a few days. Everyone on our street knew they were coming and wanted to meet the potential new neighbors. Our next door neighbors actually showed up at our door and the impromptu party was terrific fun. But I don’t think they will be buying that house because it’s way overpriced—yes it has a lot of upgrades, but you can’t put a price on upgrades, houses are only worth what the current market is worth, at least in California. And, as Deborah so aptly put it, why should we pay a premium for stuff we don’t care about. But other houses will become available over time. We are so grateful to live here. Everyone is.

That’s pretty much all the news. I haven’t spent much time in the studio—my shoulder was so painful I couldn’t even draw—but I’m going to start up again now. I think. I hope. But I’ve read a couple books, and I’ve watched a lot of basketball and a few new series (amazon prime) on our new TV. Things that I ordinarily wouldn’t have time for.

So all is well. Life is good.


  1. Hi Sis! Enjoyed your news. Since your shoulder still hurts a bit, how about Judy sending Taylor over to help you do chores or shopping? Ha, ha, ha, ha. One way ticket, of course. Feeling lots better now? xoxo M.


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