Now You See It, Now You Don’t

We downsized quite a bit when we moved into our new digs, and some of the furniture is too big for the house. Like this piece, for example:


When we bought it we needed something to fill up the huge, cavernous great room. But in this house it’s about 110% too big for the room. It dwarfs the space.

That, and it only houses a small TV. JJ loves to watch sports on TV, and we often sit in the [tiny] bedroom watching the larger TV, sitting only a few inches away from it. So I said, Look. Why not just fix the problem already. Watching sports is one of your greatest pleasures in life and life is short. Get a new damn TV.

So we put a new TV on the wish list and it recently came to the top of the list. But making the change seemed like an unsurmountable task. Where to start?

First we had to get rid of “The Brown Monstah” as I call it. We took color photos around to the three big consignment shops in the area and they all said sorry, not interested, nobody wants them anymore. Figures. So we called Salvation Army, and if you know anything at all about how this works, you know that you have to put your donation curbside. But they relented when we told them we are old.

But when they got here and saw the size of the thing they had to move they said, “No Seenyore, uh-uh. No way. Hasta la vista.” Then JJ got hot and looked like he was going to pop a vein and they said, “Okay, okay Meester, we take it.”


If this thing makes it there in one piece, I’ll be surprised.

But it’s gone. Bye bye. We also sent the TV, but the audio components were old and didn’t really work.


We shopped online at and found this. It wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but it works and we had some coupons and free shipping, so this is what we got.


We called cousin John to come put it in. John does great work. He is expensive, but very efficient, thorough, and neat. He knows his stuff and does it right. And you can call him any time, day or night, if you forget how to turn it on.


Here it is in it’s new home. It is hooked up to the internet and I can get all sorts of music and videos. The new receiver/amplifier is great and we have for-real surround-sound now. and a subwoofer that works. What a difference—ohmygosh it’s fantastic! And just in time for basketball finals.



  1. I feel your pain. I am currently downsizing and have some office furniture listed on Craig's list. There are wackos out there. Enjoy your new TV....looks great and I'm sure feels like a new room.

  2. That's a big change, Rian. I love reading about how people change their homes to fit their current way of living.

  3. Yes, furniture for one house doesn't quite fit in another house.....I've tried before and now I just know what will stay with the family and what will find a new home. Now that you have all the fancy stuff, I hope you have Netflix. If you don't, pay the $8 /month or whatever it is .... Currently we are into the 2nd season of Grace and Frankie....a most hilarious romp with Jane Fonda and the Lily Tomlin. Not to be missed for the 'older generation'.......The younger set will find it too gross to hear about grandma's sex life....since they don't think we have one !!!


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