New Orleans Jazz Fest

Hey, long time no see. We have been roamin’ around. First we met our friends Sarah & Bill in New Orleans for some 4-F. That would be Fun, Frolic, Food, Fest. Jazz Fest, that is.

I did not take my big camera but instead relied on my cell phone. I have figured out how to get phone pictures to the laptop: Facebook! Upload, right-click, save.

I tried to take a selfie. Debra said, “Smile!” I can’t, I’m concentratin’. Didn’t turn out very good, I’m no good with selfies. I can’t see the little screen!


We did get to see some terrific acts. This is Wayne Toups. He plays a blend of zydeco and cajun called Zydecajun, which I love! You can hear him HERE.



I spent a lot of time in the Gospel Tent because when the music’s good, it’s incredible! Yowza! But I couldn’t find a sample to share that comes close to the amazing grace that good gospel music imparts to your soul. Can I get an AMEN!

We were very lucky that we went to Jazz Fest on Friday, because it rained buckets on Thursday. While we went on a day without rain, the mud was—well, think Woodstock. Lots and lots of mud. The locals wore colorful rainboots, which I thought odd until I saw them dancing in the deep mud without a care in the world.


It rained triple buckets on Saturday, and they closed the whole thing down. Photo courtesy of


Saturday we were at the airport, which was also closed while the thunderstorm blew through.

Another thing we did in New Orleans was eat. It’s something we do well.


Here is the appetizer cheese plate at Emeril’s NOLA, exquisite in its simplicity.


I had the fried chicken. Everything was delicious but all that gluten made me sick.  (Asthma. But I’m better now.) There is not a single thing on this plate that does not have gluten in it. Oh well. Never again. At least I didn’t eat too much that night—forced portion control. The rosemary gravy has a squirt of jalapeño pepper jelly in it. Fabulous!


I was seriously glutenated by the fourth night when we got to K-Paul’s, but I HAD to have a fried oyster or two. It’s one of the things I look forward to when I go to New Orleans. That and grits.


I like ‘em raw, too. It’s like eating the ocean. Felix’s Oyster House.


Saturday we had brunch with my cousin Jim and his wonderful wife Sherree, who live in New Orleans part time, before we hailed a cab for the airport. JJ had the French toast. He said it was like gooey bread pudding inside.


The above-mentioned storm also shut down the airport, but we were dry and they had wine. People kept coming in through security but nobody was going anywhere. Serious lightning and thunder, and torrential rain. Once the airport opened for business again, it was astonishing how quickly everyone worked to get caught up. Planes everywhere. Coming and going.

We were going to Sarah & Bill’s lake house. Weather was fairly cold most of the time, but we did get out on the lake for a spin.


Thank you, Sarah & Bill, for your wonderful, generous hospitality. Next time, OUR house!



  1. Sis says she remembers Chief Clancy Linnard like clams on the half shell (Cherry something or other) but he said he had to be 4 sheets to the wind before he ate them. They don't work well in my system. Any news from Jimmy about Jackie? M.

  2. You have made more great memories in NOLA and Tx. Glad you are safely back at home. Those foodie picks are again making me hungry!

  3. You could be a travel writer and food critic......Bet the NYT would send you all kinds of interesting places except you'd have to become inoculated against gluten.
    Glad you fiound the best in NOLA....just can't find the love there but enjoy your version.

  4. You need to put a warning on this post not to read it if you're hungry!

    Cute photos of you and JJ.


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