Same Stuff, Different Day

It has been pretty much the same old thing around here. Sewing, golf, cooking, eating, reading. Every day. I am a creature of habit.

I am nearly finished piecing Golden Poppies, I just need to add some foreground leaves and some background poppies. They’ll be fused. If I’m diligent I can have it ready for quilting today.



If I put my shoulder to the grindstone.

Speaking of shoulder, I’ve had a shoulder problem lately and I’ve had to put myself on the injured list for a while. It’s quite common in athletes people of a certain age, and my geezer golf pals all had sympathetic stories to share. Boy, you mention sore shoulder and they all meander over to your cart and start commiserating. A couple weeks ago it was stiff at the start but it actually felt better after I played. And I played brilliantly that day, my best round at that course. 100.

Needless to say I was eager to get back out there and get a 99.

But I decided to quit after 14 holes, thinking I might be doing some damage. This gave me an opportunity to get a couple photographs of the Prickly Pear cacti on #16 while the others were putting. I saw some Golden Poppies close to the cart path but we were going way too fast to get a shot. You really can’t stop and dawdle when you’re golfing.

Aren’t these little puppies cute?


The flowers should be in full bloom next week.




I went to the doc, hoping it’s not a torn rotator cuff. I have yet to know the results of the X-rays, but Doc seems to think it’s most likely tendonitis and he prescribed a strong anti-inflammatory drug. I have PT next week. I sure hope it works because we are having Cheryl and Alan from Los Angeles next week and it’s all about golf. Right now the jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to play, but I think so. It is feeling a little better every day. The doctor, who specializes in sports medicine, says he gets it. His mother was a die-hard golf nut and club champion, so he totally understood when I said I had a big-deal golf team-tournament next week. Okay, so I embellished a little—it’s not really a team tournament or even that big of a deal, but I still want to play.

Rain was in the forecast, which would have worked out nicely for a postponement, but now it looks clear. Clear and cool, which is just how I like it.


  1. Your sister finally caught up on reading your entries and looking at all the pictures. Your poppy colors are beautiful and more fabulous than red and you only have a few poppies. I like your quilts because you do not copy--you are creative and feel the inspiration. You have such a busy golf life for a person who likes to sew quilts! xoxo M


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