Pizza and a Movie Saturday


I can hardly wait. When you can’t eat wheat you occasionally miss bread-things. I don’t miss bread per se, but sometimes I miss cookies. Gluten Free pizza and cookies aren’t terrific, but they’re better than no pizza or cookies ever again. And they are coming out with more and more G-F products, and improving them, all the time. So I can’t complain. You get used to it and not having arthritis, asthma, or migraines is totally worth it.

I have been benched from golf for six weeks. I’m getting  physical therapy for tendonitis in my rotator cuff. Its quite painful and PT is pure torture. The therapist I see is a performance specialist; he knows everything about sports and the muscles used in each sport. He understands the biomechanics of golf and the kinesiology. I learn a lot from him as he digs his knuckles into the sore spots and pulls my poor painful shoulder into positions I’d rather not be in. His goal is not only to heal me but make me better than before. Bonus! Cool!


He told me I could practice my chipping and putting, no problem. Not playing 18 holes of golf every week will give me the time to practice a part of my game that needs serious improvement: Putting. I’m going to dedicate these next weeks to finally getting my putting where it should be: Look out 90s, here I come!

This physical therapy place is in a community I don’t often visit, Rancho Santa Margarita (we love long Spanish names here). I travel on a road called Antonio, and turn left on Avenida de los Banderas (Flags Ave in English). It gets shortened to Banderas on the street signs.


You can’t get a picture of the two street names in the same shot, but yesterday on the way home  I saw a bus, and on the front of the bus where they have the sign that tells where the bus is going, it said Antonio/Banderas. Hilarious!

I shelved Golden Poppies for a while and started piecing this little grape thing for some friends we are going to visit next month (a hostess gift). I made the grape cluster one piece instead of fusing many individual circles, and when I quilt it the grapes will pop. I ordered some deep purple thread from Red Rock Threads. While I’m waiting I can tidy up the studio. It needs it! Fabric and freezer paper everywhere!


I fused the branches but not the leaves or grapes, I simply do not like the look of fused applique. Yes it’s fiddly, but it looks so much better—to me. I’ve already decided to do the background quilting in the same shapes as what’s in the border. It was a fat quarter that came bundled with the bunch I ordered a few weeks ago. I had absolutely no use for it but it’s perfect for this border! I don’t know how the free-motion quilting will be on my shoulder, I hope I’ll be able to do it, I’m actually a little afraid to jump in…


  1. No pain, No gain ! Or is that what Jane Fonda said in her videos?? PT is never designed to be fun but will produce results. Sounds like you have a good therapist.
    My granddaughter is gluten free and orders pizza all the time when she goes out....costs more of course but most of the GF products I've tried are tasty (have two GF grands, so I've cooked with it ). Target used to carry a brand of GF cookie dough that was good.
    I admire you're creative productivity.....I even knit slow.
    Gotta get the bus moving .........currently in Tucson but heading north. S

  2. What movie did you watch and was it any good? I'm always on the lookout for good movies! Ben and I watched The Wave last weekend, a Norwegian disaster movie which we enjoyed. Paul and I watched Antman, which was surprisingly good.

    Love your border fabric. Hope the free motion work doesn't aggravate your shoulder!


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