Turdus Migratorius

You know it better as Robin. But don’t you just love that name?


We don’t see a lot of robins in these parts. A few now and then, but not many.

So when I saw one the other day, it was worth mentioning. And then I saw another one, and another one… And then Sunday, when we took our morning power walk, we noticed something had dug holes in the wood chips in our front “yard.” Yard isn’t exactly correct. It’s more like a one-foot deep patch of mismatched plants. JJ thought it must have been the work of Holly, the adorable cocker spaniel next door. Holly does sometimes run through the plants if we’re outside and she wants to say hi. But no, look up the street, everyone’s house has holes dug in their chips. If fact, the entire neighborhood was a mess with wood chips scattered everywhere. Must be rabbits. And then I noticed them—the robins. Hundreds if not thousands of them swooping this way and that. We have a young tree behind our house and the branches were heavy with robins, sometimes as many as a dozen on its puny branches. They were everywhere. And then they were gone. I’m thinking they must have stopped to rest and refuel on their northward migration. My neighbor told me they comandeered her fountain.

Hey, I played a great round of golf the other day, I shot 100. I really wanted that 99. Just think if I could putt. I am hitting the ball really long these days. Oh, and it’s mountain lions, not bobcats, that are on my home course. I saw the sign.

This is the view from the clubhouse. #18 is on the left of the water and #17 is on the right. I hate that the last hole is so long (Par 5, 450 yds) because you’re tuckered out out by then.


Here’s what’s been happening in the studio: Mostly cogitating the ocean triptych, but I finally have my course of action figured out and I’m ready to roll. My dilemma was how to do this project the easiest/fastest way possible. There are so many avenues to consider. I won’t bore you with the details of which techniques I threw out, but I decided to fuse. Not with the messy Liquid Thread, but with good ol’ Wonder Under. And then, fuse to what? Did I want to bother with batting and backing and quilting?  I decided to skip all that because I am going to mount them on stretcher bars. I can always add a quilt line later should I choose to.

I had this big piece of deep navy fabric with white dots on it that faded out where the light hit it, even though it was stored in a cardboard box in a closet. It’s worthless for its original intent, which was a night-sky piece I dreamed up after a stargazing session in the hot tub, watching for meteors in the dark desert sky. This is really crappy fabric. It’s very thin and I bought it a long time ago when I didn’t know as much about fabric as I do now. But it should be fine for this application. And I have more than enough of it. Jeez I can’t hold my camera still.


I drew the design and proceeded to number the pieces and add registration marks (the orange lines).

96 pieces? Uh, I don’t think so! 96 x 3 = 288. Not gonna happen. Redraw.


40 pieces. Better.


Well, I’d best get to it.


  1. Loved hearing about the robins. That would have been neat to see. Good luck with your new piece!


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