Just Goofin’

Which is another way to say golfin’.


The weather has been seriously hot. It feels like summer. I don’t know what happened to El Niño. It was 88° out there this week. Way too hot, I quit after nine. Fugeddaboutit.

Play was agonizingly slow so I pulled out my crappy golf camera and fiddled around while waiting my turn. Sometimes you see some cool wildlife on the course. I’ve seen rattlesnakes, coyotes, and geese—lots of geese, and there are signs warning of bobcats although I’ve never seen one. One guy was looking for his wife’s ball in the brush and she said, “Dear, get out of there! There’s rattlesnakes in there!” To which he replied, “No there’s not,” and he pointed to the sign, “Just bobcats.” Hilarious. She didn’t think so.


This prickly pear cactus is in a bad spot. There are about a hundred golf-ball sized holes in it. Poor thing.


I just love being out on the fairways.


I haven’t been doing any quilting because I am going to an all-day class (tomorrow) to learn a new technique, which, if I like it, will save me the time of sewing down the pieces, I can just glue them with some special adhesive. It will also save the time of ironing down one side of each piece, and I’ll be able to do deeper curves with greater ease. I’ll find out and report back. Here’s one of her pieces:

I am also taking bridge lessons. I have been playing bridge for 20+ years but I felt like re-learning some of the basics because I want to start playing competitive bridge.

No, not that kind of bridge.


  1. Inquiring minds want to know----

    Is 88 degrees hot for where you are? I thought you were near the desert and it would get much hotter. But of course, not in February!

    Was there really a deer on the course or did you Photoshop him in? Aren't they scared of people? Rattlesnakes? Yikes!

    Are prickly pears white?

    Who is the teacher of the class you're taking? Karen Stone gave our guild a presentation the other night which was really fun but I'm not taking either of the two workshops the guild set up with her. I just want to do my thing right now. But if you learn a better/easier way to do your thing, that is great.

    Is the apple image a quilt or a painting? Looks like a painting.

    How is competitive bridge different from regular bridge?

    You don't have to answer all these questions. But I am curious.

    Love the SF bridge photo; I'm going there in September!

  2. What beautiful views on the course. Makes up for the challenges of golf I would think.
    Played bridge when my husband was an officer and a gentleman in the Navy days. Found that women did not play nice and resented those of us who were trying really hard. Haven't played since but I've always thought that bridge players were very smart (except for those mean ones).
    We get creatures on the course as well but mostly large birds, an occasional alligator and lots of big turtles.
    Play well .......but mostly, have fun.


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