Just Another Week in Paradise

I spent a good deal of time leading up to and executing work on the first panel of the ocean triptych.

How’d it go? Well, it was fairly easy and quick compared to my usual method, but I found I actually missed the sewing part. Seriously. The ol’ machine sat idly by while I cut and fiddled with Wonder Under and the Freezer Paper pieces. I resisted removing the freezer paper because I would lose my registration lines, but about 1/3 of the way in I could stand it no longer and I started removing the FP from the fused pieces.

Whew. Big mistake. Not in removing it, but in NOT removing it before I laid down (fused) the pieces. I couldn’t get all the FP off and it pulled up the edges. I suppose I could re-fuse them if I could get all the FP off, but I don’t like the look anyway.



I decided to cut my losses. I threw the piece in the trash, folded and stashed the fabric, and tidied up my studio. I won’t even mention how fiddly and frustrating it was working with the Wonder Under. Hated it.



Fuhgeddaboutit. I did learn something, though. I realized the value in the clear vinyl drawing—it takes the place of the registration lines. Be that as it may, I am not going out to buy vinyl, because I don’t like the look of raw-edge to begin with. So there.

In other news, I played golf at San Juan Hills, a course I usually say no to. But it was there or nothing, so off to SJH I went. The good news is it’s very close to home, as indicated by the blue circle. It has that going for it.



But that’s all. It’s a very challenging course. They don’t call it San Juan HILLS for nothing. I don’t love this course.

This is the first tee. You have to hit your ball OVER the plants and the water. That’s just so unfair. They must fish hundreds of balls out of here every week. Three of us donated a ball to the cause, I was able to get over (brag, brag, brag).


It is long, and mostly uphill. I don’t know how they managed to make it more uphill than downhill, but they did.


When I joined the gang in the 19th hole and they asked me how I did, I said, with negativity, this is a really tough course for me. It’s hard for all of us, they chorused. I wrote down 103 but I think I probably scored closer to 109. Sometimes I estimate a little. I no longer carry an index, so the scorecard goes in the trash and doesn’t count for anything.


Back in the studio I am cogitating my next move.