Weekly/Monthly Wrap-up (Around Here)

After I finished the elephant I started right in on the next project. But selecting fabrics was as far as I got. A neighbor-friend of mine told me about a workshop that her guild is putting on and she invited me to attend. This is great because I don’t currently belong to a quilt guild so I miss out. I would gladly join but it meets at night and I hate to drive at night.


What I’m planning is a tripych of undersea panels for the niche in the bathroom, with the darkest blues at the bottom, fading up to the lightest blues at the top. In the class, I’m going to learn (presumably) a “revolutionary” new way to appli-piece a top without folding or gluing—she has some product that lets you do free-edge without the edges fraying and its not a fusible, and it’s not stiff. Well, that would certainly be nice, if it’s for real. Anyway, I put the underwater project on hold until I take the class.

I started playing golf again with the Wednesday group. I haven’t played with them since October! We play on big, championship-size golf courses instead of the executive course that I play with the Monday group. CHALLENGING! But it was a beautiful day and I had a great time. I lost four [brand new] balls.


#11, Tijeras Creek

Ah, but the weather has turned ugly. Today the PGA Tour is playing at Torrey Pines, which is about an hour south of here, so it gives you an idea what the weather is like here. It’s tough to play in that, even with weatherproof clothing. The wind is really nasty today.



What else is new around here? Well, we still have not gotten our out-of-shape house straightened, but they assure us that we’ll be right as rain when they get it done. But first they have to get around to doing it.

Outside on our front porch, this had us freaked out for a while. Termites? Bug infestation? We cleaned it up and the next day it was back. Such a mystery. I got out a mirror to see what was going on under the flashing and it’s metal. And clean. We examined it closely and it seems to be plant material, not house material. Whew.


We did a little scouting and eventually figured out that something has been eating a bush just beyond the steps, carrying the goodies to the porch to munch out of sight of predators. Here is the evidence:


Compare it to the bush on the other side, which has not been eaten. Yet.


I can’t tell what it is because there is no poop, which is curious. Both birds and bunnies leave their calling card. But the coyotes were whooping it up nearby the other night, so maybe it won’t be back.

On the back patio, something ate the throw-blanket I put out there for cold evenings. This is mouse, because it left the evidence. It’s 100% Polyester, can you imagine? I can patch/repair it, and I’ll keep it inside when it’s not being used; live and learn. My neighbor had a mouse (or mice) eat the insulation off the wiring in her car to the tune of $4,000. We had some mice in the garage for a while too, but we since have had it sealed, so no more mousies. So far. When you consider we built our houses on top of their habitat, why are we surprised.


Well gosh, that’s all the news. Stay healthy!