Turning the Page

...on another year. Time to take stock and keep what is important and discard what is holding us back from being the best we can be. That's my idea of a resolution anyway. More of the good, less of the not-so-good.

We spent New Year's a little differently this year, we went to a mountain cabin with the kids. We had a lovely time, and the kids and their friends, and their friends' family (i.e. people our age), all got together for a couple days of partying and playing games. I managed to find some photos on Facebook to share.

This was the cabin. It was what one would call "cozy."

Here we are: JJ, Rian, Michelle, Chris.

Conrad, the 16 year-old, takes a selfie of the whole group. We managed to get 13 peeps around the table. Hey, where's Holly! We were a jolly group. Chris and I cooked an amazing dinner of beef tenderloin, creamed spinach, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and roasted rosemary potatoes. Michelle made an incredible flourless chocolate cake and set a gorgeous table, and JJ did all the KP. And there was a lot of KP!

And now begins the diet once again. I stepped on the scale...oh, not pretty. The jeans are tight.
But I'll take it off, starting Monday of course. A cruise followed by Thanksgiving followed by the holidays...all hell on the scale number.

Now I am back in my studio, working feverishly on my elephant quilt. Here is the progress so far:

It's really coming together. I stopped at a quilt shop on the way to the mountains and got 5 or 6 fabulous fabrics that will be great. I took out the tan wedge on the lower right (front leg) and am changing it for more gray and mauve. I tried dying it with fabric paints to darken it but it still jumped out at me, so I caved in and removed it. Easy enough to do.

In other news, our new house is falling apart. Every day we find new cracks where the walls meet the ceiling and the floor. The builder will come out next week to have a look, and I think we are going to need a lawyer. Some of our neighbors have similar cracks, but ours are the worst. Here are just a few photos:

There are about a dozen intersections like this and getting more (and worse) every week.

The floor is also pulling away from the walls. This junction used to be tight. I can get two quarters under there. We haven't had any earthquakes or major rain storms, so who knows what is causing this.

I like life to be interesting, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind.


  1. Yikes, those cracks are scary! I'd be worried too. Enjoyed seeing your studio photos. Lucky you to have so much space and great furniture. I had just read in the paper about the rain in CA and wondered how it was affecting you. So odd to see rain in your photos.

  2. Love the photos at the cabin. Printed one for your big sister. This could be the beginning of a wonderful family tradition for New Year's celebrations. Keep sending the progress photos of the elephant. M.


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