Storm Watch! And Studio Tour

You would have to have spent a winter in Southern California to get a laugh out of that, I just heard Shepard Smith (Fox News) make a joke about it. For years we've had "Storm Watch" when there was even a prayer of precipitation, which usually ended up to be a bust. So we all make fun of the local news stations when they put the Storm Watch screen up because, as you know, it never rains in California. Except when it's an El NiƱo year, which it looks like it is. Yay! We're getting some pretty good squalls out there. 

We need the rain so badly. Problem is, when we get it all in the span of a few months, the ground can't take it and sometimes it slides. No bueno.

We're both hunkered down in the warm, dry inside. JJ is working on the yearly budget and Yours Truly is working on the elephant. I've been busy! There's no golf in the rain; the golf course doesn't want you out there. 

It's looking good so far. I hope I have enough medium and light tan and grey fabrics to do the face, I hope I hope. 

Did I ever show you my studio? I have a nice big room with its own bathroom and walk-in closet, and a view to the street. 

I have three stations. Station 1 is where I iron the template pieces to the freezer paper, trim and press the seam allowances, the scraps dropping (hopefully) into the wastebasket below. The working fabrics are on the sofa. 

Station 2 is where the gluing and sewing takes place. The little brown cup holds the spool of invisible monofilament thread, otherwise it tangles up on itself, jams in the tension disks, and I have to start all over, carefully pulling out the ruined stitches and rethreading the machine. Grrr!

Across from the sewing side is the design and goofing-off side. 

Station 3 is the folding table where the picture layout happens. The red-lined freezer paper gets cut up as I go. A second design and the original photo are also pinned to the design wall. 

Well, that's enough goofing off for now. I'd better get back to work.