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I am about 2/3 to 3/4 finished quilting this thing. How big is it? About 28 x 36--maybe too big, I think, for the space I had intended. You need to stand back from it to appreciate it.

Of course there are a couple things I'd like to change. But ripping out quilting is not only not fun, it can ruin the whole thing, so I will live with it. I am learning to not get caught up in my perceived mistakes. It's a one-way street with this craft, and not very forgiving. The further along you get the more unreasonable it is to make corrections.

JJ played bridge yesterday so my plan was to finish it, but I got a migraine and watched old movies in a dark room instead. It's not just the crushing headache and visual disruption, when I get a migraine my brain goes I started eating breakfast and wondered where JJ was. Oh--I forgot to tell him it was ready. So it's better if I don't do anything that requires attention or precision. 

I'm better today. We are meeting friends in Laguna Beach for a play and dinner. We don't go out to dinner often so I'm looking forward to it. It will be nice to get out and be with people. And not cook...there is that.
Image result for laguna playhouse

It has been cold and gray, but not raining, so I am starting back playing golf next week. Cold and gray and not raining is perfect golf weather. The three women I play with most often are all named Linda. My handicap index expired December 31 and I have decided not to renew it. I really don't need to keep an index these days because I no longer play tournament golf, we have our own private group.

#9 at Palm Desert Resort CC

The builder-people came last week and crawled all over the attic, and we learned there are four other houses on our street (so far), five in a row, with the same problem of their walls separating from the floor and ceiling. They said it can be fixed and they'll get back to us. Meanwhile the cracks have stopped getting worse. At first they said it was a bad batch of drywall that started shrinking when we turned on the heat...that actually made sense, but that isn't the cause. The good news is, it is not the ground beneath us slipping away, but some newfangled thing they used in the construction of the house that didn't hold up. I have no idea how they are going to fix it, and I'm pretty sure it will be a big, messy job. But it can be fixed.

That is all. Everything is peachy. 


  1. I find it amusing that all the women you play golf with are named Linda. Nice of them to let you join them; maybe they needed the variety! I wonder if you and the other homeowners can get $ for the hassle you're going to go through due to the "newfangled thing...that didn't hold up." What a pain. Hope the sun is back out by now.

  2. Beautiful Rian! I have been remiss in visiting your blog. Did not know you were quilting again! Love the fabrics you have chosen. When you comment on my blog I can not reply in my email. I think you need to enable something for me to do that. The Rooster I have just finished is stretched on stretcher boards like a canvas. I like doing this with some of my pieces for a more finished look and it gives the buyer the option of framing it or hanging it just as it is.

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog, Rian; I finally found your blog again as a result. Hurrah! Loved seeing your newest quilt and your comment about mistakes. I just finished a sweater where I left a big mistake. I made two different cuffs on the sleeves and didn't catch it till I was done with the second sleeve. Then I remembered that someone said to call a mistake " a design element" and that worked for me. A first! But I just couldn't bear to rip out the whole second sleeve. Now I need to see whether your blog is somewhere that I can find it again! Hugs. Oh yeah, sorry to hear you had a migraine; I thought they quit when you stopped eating gluten?


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