Done da Done-Done


And a closeup: I was going to quilt some brown in the tusks but I liked the quilting so I left them plain white. Or ivory, as it were.


I have to say that this piece made itself. Not that I didn’t do the work, it’s all mine, even the photograph, but it called me and made me do it. I was powerless to resist. Design and construction details haunted me in the night and the thing demanded that I get up and get working. This never happened before; I was usually the one in command.

I am pleased with it but it is better appreciated from a distance, so it won’t work in the powder room.

What I learned: Several things. One, crescents are really boring. Two, I was struggling with construction so I pieced it “backwards,” which means I put the convex side under the concave arc (see below) and worked downwards. It was easier that way, but it was counterintuitive. Three, I like working with batiks that have actual patterns in them rather than the swirly semi-solids. The fabrics in this piece are all batik, by the way.



What’s next? I am thinking dragons.





  1. Rian, this quilt is extraordinary (synonyms: remarkable, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal) and so representative of the quality and creativity of all of your quilts. I am so thrilled you are my talented and smart sister.

  2. Amazing work as always. Isn't it interesting how fast and undistracted you can work when inspiration stikes? Sometimes something I write happens that way--seems to write itself. You HAVE to be pleased with this. It's strong and so rich. Batiks were perfect, of course.

  3. The comment from Jane Ann is just plain and simple but so intensively true and real. M.

  4. Love this and I love your comments about making it. Art calling you to get up and get working is a cool thing. Thanks for listening to your muse!

  5. Wow, he's really something! Can't wait to see where you hang him; he certainly deserves just the right place. Dragons? That will be interesting!

  6. Love dragons~can't wait~
    Have to tell you again~love the elephant~he has personality!!!

  7. Rian, your sister wants to know if you can enter this in a 2016 quilting contest? M.

  8. I just discovered the tutorial you put up about the process you use in your quilts. Had missed it before. I may have to give it a try on a much smaller and simpler image than your elephant. Thanks for going to all the work to share it with us.


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