Changeover Day

Today I finished piecing the elephant--whew! And Woo Hoo! The last piece to go down was the eye. I also changed out one fabric piece in the trunk that was jarring me. I use a little scalpel and carefully slide it under the folded edge and stitches, praying I don't slice into the fabric, rip out the piece, make a new template, shape the edge, remove the template paper, slide the new piece into place ("slide" makes it sound easy--it's not), glue it down, then sew it. It's like microsurgery. That operation took me one hour. But it was worth it. I plan the fabrics only to a point, it's about 50% random, and mistakes happen. And sometimes they aren't obvious right away. Some I just leave because it's not worth the bother.

So what else do I do on changeover day? Let's see, I had to rip off all the stabilizer and snip any monofilament threads. I folded and put away all the fabric, cut and pressed the batting and backing fabric, glued the "sandwich" together, pinned it with safety pins to keep it from shifting during the quilting/scrunching, put away the iron and ironing board, cleaned my machine and changed the presser foot and plate for quilting instead of piecing, wound a couple of bobbins with the purple bobbin thread, adjusted the tension and ran some stitch samples (perfect the first time), cleaned the glue off everything and put away the light box. Then I vacuumed. 

The only other thing I need to do before jumping in to the quilting is decide what design I want to use and practice it. I first do it with pencil and paper, over and over until it's fluid, and then I run through it with the machine on a practice piece. It's to achieve muscle memory, kind of like when you practice your golf swing. Ha ha; like any of us actually practice golf. 

Now I have to go cook dinner. 


  1. You sure are a worker! I really like your elephant, especially the eye part. Good job! Creativity is a gift and you sure have it all with vision and talent. You gotta love what you are doing. xoxo Your sister, M.



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