Friday, July 31

July Wrap-up

For lack of a more creative title. Things are pretty much the same around here as they were when I wrote the last blog entry, but I am happy to report I lost 6 pounds in July. My clothes are getting looser and looser, even the new ones.

We went to Las Vegas for my 66th birthday. Actually, my birthday just happened to coincide with the trip, but it made everything a lot more fun. We met up with friends Sarah & Bill from Dallas, whom we met on the South Pacific cruise. We four love to play bridge, so we played bridge every afternoon and went to see shows and eat at swanky celebrity chef restaurants every night.

Now, here’s the thing: When we went to Vegas for New Year’s my camera stopped working. And the same thing happened this time! I checked it before leaving home and it was fine. My phone was acting up, too! Very strange.

So I stole some images from the internet, and I do have one or two from my phone.

We went to see Human Nature, which is a fantastic show featuring the great music from Motown, like the Temptations, Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, and more.
They are very good, and their name (Human Nature) is as incongruous as the fact that they are four white guys from Australia. But they do great Motown.

After the show we walked about a seven-iron (100 yards) to Delmonico’s, an Emeril restaurant. I love Vegas.

I had New Orleans style bbq shrimp. It looked exactly like this. I did not eat the chive biscuit. Gluten, yaknow.
I ate other stuff too, not just that (I was stuffed).

The next night we went to see Million Dollar Quartet, a musical play that has been on the stage in NYC and LA but we missed it. So we got to see it in Vegas, and we got to sit at front row table with cocktails. Fabulous!8119686-0-150007
The four guys play (L to R) Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Elvis. All very talented musicians, but the guy on the piano is incredible. Here they are in real life at Sun Records in Memphis.23146-050-1638E499

After that we went back to our hotel, The Wynn, and ate at Sinatra. I had a Jack Daniels in honor of ol’ Blue Eyes, and was presented with a gluten-free ice cream dessert for my birthday. Sarah and Bill made sure we got a free dessert everywhere we went! B131712B1F37B0B83BE3517465949E62

Sarah has a bunch of pictures in her phone, and when she sends them I’ll post them. Here’s one of Sarah and me.

I tried to take a selfie, but I suck at selfies. I am good at many things, but not selfies.
unnamed (1)

The Wynn has a beautiful casino and I dropped a little money into their kitty. I had a wonderful, wonderful time.
Switching gears, I played golf at beautiful Tijeras Creek Wednesday. Our group gets to play there once a month as part of our three-course rotation. Lordy it was hot!! I shot a 105, beating my partner by one stroke.

That is all the news. Things have been pretty slow around here this summer.


Monday, July 13

Still Kicking

Hi, just checking in to say we're all fine and well. We have been dieting so we're not going anywhere or doing very much because everything seems to involve food. Our focus is on eating "clean" and getting some exercise. The weeks flow from one to the next and the schedule stays the same, week to week. The golf game is what it is. Nothing much to report. Weigh-in day is Monday: Down 5 pounds. (35 total). Have a great week!

Monday, July 6

Boom Boom


I love Independence Day, I dare say it’s my favorite holiday. It’s our opportunity to be patriotic to a great country that doesn’t get a lot of respect these days. There is so much anti-American, anti-Christian bullshit going around and that makes me sad. (Pissed off is more like it.) Happy Birthday, America!

So what did we do to celebrate? Nada.

Friday we cooked a pork tenderloin on the barbie. It was a perfect southern California evening and we decided to eat outside. I tripped on the door frame going in and took a flying header and landed on my shoulder. Birds circled my head and went “tweet tweet.” I was fine and life went on, albeit slowly. But by Sunday my shoulder hurt real bad and I couldn’t even lift my right arm to comb my hair. I knew I had to go to a doctor. My options were go to an urgent care center or make an appointment Monday. I chose the latter and I canceled Tuesday’s golf tournament. Rats.

Well, by this morning (Monday), it feels fine. I even thought about rejoining golf tomorrow, but I will stay home and use the time to clean house instead.

Around here, I sewed some pillows and cocktail napkins, inspiration courtesy of my blog-friend Mary in Maryland, who lives in Colorado. I love the pillows and now I want to make a hundred more.

Our neighbors invited us over for drinks and I made these…they fit her color scheme. LOVE THESE…aren’t they fun? I love polka dots.

While I was at it I cut fabric for more napkins. We’re going to visit friends in Dallas soon and they have a lake house…I have a ton of this nautical fabric…they will make a nice hostess gift, and I’m going to make some holiday ones too.

We are still holding fast to our diets although not losing any real weight…I need to get out and exercise more. So today I joined the hiking club, and while I was at it I joined the art class, which is tomorrow. Ordinarily I’d be on the golf course, but as I said, I canceled. So I’ll go check it out. I don’t know how I’ll find time for two more weekly activities, but I’m going to try.

In other news, the Dalai Lama is coming to Orange County to celebrate his 80th birthday.

There was an article in the LA Times today about sugary drinks. If you or someone you love drinks sports drinks, you should know that sugary drinks are linked to 25,000 deaths in the U.S. in ONE YEAR! I think that’s staggering!

You can read the entire article HERE. Health experts predict dire consequences.

It’s not the dying that’s so bad, none of us gets out alive, it’s the debilitating mental and physical decline and chronic disease you have to suffer through on your way out the door.

Thursday, July 2

Around Here

We have lived in our new digs one year. Can you believe it? Time goes by so quickly it’s scary, and when you think about it, we don’t have that many grains of sand left in our hourglass.

So, make hay while the sun shines!

Seriously. For me that means playing golf. Which I did yesterday.

The weather has been SO hot and humid. We aren’t used to humidity around here, so we were all dripping and depleted when we finished and I had a killer headache. I scored a 103, not my best, not my worst. The practice helped. I was hitting my nemesis 3-wood off the deck really well. “Off the deck” being golf-speak for the ball is sitting on the grass and not on a tee.

Before the round, our group got a [free] sand-shot clinic. It didn’t help me, I’m hopeless when it comes to getting out of the sand. But I promise to practice. Scout’s honor.
Some of the gang having a go at it.
Speaking of making hay while the sun shines, the guy in the orange shirt, he was knocking at heaven’s door for a long, long time. Now he has a 40 year old heart in his 65+ chest. You can bet he lives every day as if it were his last.

I took the time, which is not easy at golf, to snap this photo of the thistles that are in bloom. Most of the year they just look like gnarly dead pricker weeds but they’re glorious right now.

This guy came out to eat something that was in front of the cart. He was looking at me until Jerry hit his tee shot and he turned to see what the noise was. This is a California ground squirrel.

I drove down the street this morning to take this picture of our house. It’s the one with the orange umbrella and patch of red bougainvillea at the fence.
I took it to show the contrast with 18 months ago.

Around the yard, some of our succulents are in bloom. Succulents are so interesting—I dig ‘em.

The gardenias are starting to come out to play, too.

Have a super July 4 holiday!