Seasonal Greetings

First, a little housekeeping: I apologize if my Windows 10 / Live Writer hiccup caused you any inconvenience. It totally perplexed me, and I had promised to take JJ to the movies today. I upgraded to Windows 10 a few days ago (with learning curve and customization issues) and, at the same time, Blogger no longer supports Windows Live Writer and they won't talk to each other. Anyway, my blog post got all messed up. It took me a while to figure out what was going on and even longer how to fix it. They are still working out the kinks and now they say it won't be operational until 2016. I guess they're going on holiday leave? Meanwhile, I'll have to blog from the Blogger website (pain in the ass). Here is my original post:

We have been busy, busy. I am sure you are too. There are lots of holiday gatherings and parties around the new ‘hood, as we geezers are a social lot.

I have been working in the studio a little each day as time permits. I decided to revisit the elephant quilt for some bizarre, unknown reason. It will go in the Africa Room aka the Powder Room.

I enlarged it to working size—I use the grid method so I can put the eye in the exact right spot, as you will notice immediately if it’s not. This is the drawing I will use to create the templates (out of freezer paper) and to keep everything organized as I cut up the template sheet. The drawing stays intact.

My M-O is to draw the picture and then tape the paper to the window and trace the drawing on the reverse side so the finished elephant will face left. I was having some difficulty because my usual pen dried up and I had to use a big, fat marker. Dang—no good. So I tweaked the photo in Photoshop to bring out the highlight areas better and I will draw right on the freezer paper. The above drawing will still be my guide. I will need to make two drawings, one for the larger areas of light and shadow that will be pieced, another one for the small wrinkles and lines that will be fused on. Yeah, it’s time consuming; I keep reminding myself that it’s the journey, not the destination.

I have chosen the fabrics: The more the better, and I have some new ones coming Friday. I can hardly wait!

In other news, we celebrated JJ’s birthday last night. We had the kids over to celebrate, I made short ribs of beef and some other stuff. Son-in-law Chris made this photo from when we lived on the central coast, around 12 years ago. We were out wine-tasting. What a great gift. 

Still playing golf weekly, and getting my game back a little. Some friends from the central coast are coming to town and we will have a little dinner party Friday. Then more parties on Saturday and Sunday. Never a dull moment.

Gotta go clean up the kitchen. It’s usually JJ’s job, but I can’t expect him to clean up after his own birthday party. Have a great weekend!