Happy Hanukkah

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. We are not Jewish, but we are going to the lighting of the menorah at our community park (which is actually a greenbelt between the geezer and the all-age side). They will also light the Christmas tree and we can finally deliver the toy from last year that we never gave to the cause.

Life is always so busy this time of year. I don’t know how I/we managed to make Christmas happen when we worked, it’s hard enough to do all the “stuff” when we’re retired.

I finished the table runner. It’s a long thing, it took four pictures to get it all—here are three:

It is perfectly straight, my camera distorts it. 1-IMG_2803


I really like it because it’s all about the fabric—it’s not a “picture” of something, the fabrics are the stars of the show, as it should be—in my opinion. It really holds your eye, sometimes it’s hard to pull away from it. But now it’s all packed up and ready to send, and all I have are these photos.

I enjoyed making it so much that I am going to make another one for the niche in our bathroom. I had originally planned to do an underwater scene, but I couldn’t get past the idea stage into the design stage, so I’m going to do one like this, only in softer colors—grays and beiges, and maybe some light blues—because we are monochromatic around here. And I COULD put fish and coral in it with the quilting line…

Here’s another photo of me actually working on the thing but it didn’t make the cut because of the unfolded sheets on the sofa-bed behind me. Oops. I included the better photo with the instructions on how to care for it and what it’s made of, all that.

I had most of my batiks strewn around the room with this project so I took the opportunity to fold them all to fit in the [four] drawers, and reorganize them once again. It took a whole day. Uh-oh, I see one that needs to be moved…1-IMG_2807

I put the tree up—I was only going to use the top two-thirds and put it on a table but that didn’t work. So I had to do the whole thing, but I didn’t do the 110% job this year. But it’s up. And the prezzies are wrapped. Done! 1-IMG_2809

These are such busy times with all the festivities, and JJ’s birthday is next week—we are going to have the kids over to celebrate Papa’s birthday instead of doing a Christmas Eve dinner, our usual tradition. It gets me off the hook for the fancy dinner, and frees up the kids to do what they need to do the night before Christmas. It won’t be long before Santa stops dropping down  Savannah’s chimney and we’ll be back to doing grown-up stuff like eating and drinking on Christmas Eve.

Golf tomorrow, then Tuesday is our book club’s holiday luncheon. We are reading The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure. It is a story of the Nazi occupation in Paris during WWII and an architect who designs clever hiding places for Jews inside their homes. This becomes increasingly challenging and intriguing as the Gestapo becomes wiser. The stories of the offenses by the Germans are at times hard to read, but the book is engaging from the first page.


  1. The runner is vibrant with colors for sure. Very pretty. Glad your done and organized. Your friends will be happy with this runner. Enjoyed your blog. xoxo M.

  2. I read The Paris Architect, also, and liked it very much even though I continue to be shocked when I read about the Nazi brutality. Love the colors of your quilt and had to laugh at the unironed sheets on the sofa bed! Yes, we do edit how we portray our homes and lives through photos, don't we. I'm envious that your presents are all wrapped; haven't even started on ours.


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