One of the things I never understood was, which came first? Monte Carlo or Monaco? Or are they the same place? According to Wikipedia, Monte Carlo officially refers to an administrative area of Monaco, specifically the area where the Monte Carlo Casino is located.

This is a shot of the famed casino (“Bond. James Bond.”), zoomed in from the ship.

And here is the opposite, entrance side. It was a Monday afternoon, so we didn’t see any zillionaires coming or going, but there were several expensive cars parked outside. And throngs of tourists taking selfie photos with the Maseratis and Ferraris. So many selfie sticks wherever we went. Meh.

We went inside (10 euros each) but no cameras were allowed. There are two sections, one where the common people are allowed to gawk (dress code strictly enforced), and beyond that, the massive gold-inlaid doors where only the swells were permitted to enter. We could not get a glimpse beyond the doors as they were guarded and never opened while we were there. We had originally planned to return that evening for dinner, but it seemed more reasonable ($$) to have dinner on the ship.

To the left of the casino is the Café de Paris, where you can sit outside and have a cappuccino or a glass of wine (I chose the wine).

To the right of the casino, across from the Café de Paris, is the very shi-shi Hotel de Paris. Note the fine automobiles. Is that a red convertible top on that Mercedes? I think it is. We went inside but were swiftly (and politely) shown the door. Given the bum’s rush, as it were.

The thing about Monaco that struck me was how densely developed it is. It’s very steep! With my big lens I can zoom in but I can’t get a wide shot, so this is just a piece of it. Also, the Grand Prix is raced through the narrow, zigzag of streets every spring.

This shot, taken from the top of a Hop On Hop Of (HOHO) bus, is of the Parliamentary area where Prince Albert currently sits.

Prince Albert, you probably know, is the son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. Gee that’s a lot of medals! Her picture is everywhere; a self-guided tour.

This is the church where the wedding took place. It’s up on that escarpment in the Parliament, the happy couple could have walked home from the church.

Prince Albert is a handsome lad. Not as many medals as his papa, though.

Here is a picture of our ship, Oceania MS Riviera (lower right) nestled in among the fine yachts. How did the captain get it in there!

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  1. Looks like you had great weather for your trip. I was in Barcelona just once but I remember how fun it was. I'm enjoying your photos and travelogue!

  2. Sis - WOW! Monte Carlo Casino and Parliment and the ships and the expensive cars. Did you buy a newspaper? Any trinkets, baubles, or beads in your shopping bag? Do you feel you would like to go back for another visit? When you stopped at the cafe and chose wine, did you get a wine list to choose from or did you just order house wine--how does that work? Not that I would ever be there and order wine because I would want a grape soda. Did you order any food with your glass of wine? How very exciting. The weather looks good even though you look like it's chilly outside. xoxo, M.


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