Let the Holidays Begin

Was your Thanksgiving dinner wonderful? Did your teams win? I am clueless about football but USC beat UCLA this weekend and I do pay attention to that, even though I don’t actually watch the game. Thanksgiving came late this year and our time leading up to Christmas is short. Thanksgiving was the 26th and that means less than 4 weeks.

Our son-in-law Chris served up a perfect dinner and Michelle set a gorgeous table. I only had to make whipped cream for the pumpkin pie, which we bought at Costco, and we also took an apple pie and vanilla ice cream. I love that it is our turn to just show up; oh yeah, that is so nice.

With the short window, thankfully the Christmas shopping is 90% done. I don’t handle pressure well so I always do things way in advance. I have not yet decided if I want to put up a tree; it’s a lot of work. I wish I could go poof and it would be done. We aren’t having any dinners or parties, so I’m thinking of skipping the tree this year.

I have been working shoulder to the grindstone on the table runner for our friends in Plano. Maybe if they like it they will invite us back?

I listen to music that helps my free-motion quilting be fluid.


I am starting back playing golf tomorrow. It is cold now and I am looking forward to getting out there in my argyle socks! I have not played in well over a month, maybe two. I had been feeling sluggish and crappy, and I wasn’t sleeping. I thought it was jet lag, but three weeks? Uh, no…that’s too long! A week before we left on our trip our doctor put us on statins and it took me this long to realize that it is the drug that is making me feel fatigued and off-kilter. Last week and the week before, I had no energy for golf. I was slogging through my day, falling asleep at 9 PM, waking at midnight and not able to get back to sleep until 4 AM. That sucks.

So I quit taking them. To see if I felt better. And by golly I do! I feel like my old self again—chipper and full of it, and sleeping! It is so nice!!

J is taking it too, and he is zonked out on the couch every afternoon. He has been sleeping 12 hours a day and he’s still tired.


  1. Glad the golf is on the schedule once again. I"m back to Exec golf......but I play from the longer (NOT the longest tees) so I"m getting a pretty good workout. There are 35 exec courses here rated from 1-4 in difficulty. We play whichever we get ..... I'm getting the old muscle memory to work again and it feels good. I'll gradually work up to longer distances I hope. My chipping is coming back and pitching never really left. Putting is ..... well like putting always is.
    Remind me to tell you about my experience with statins....if I haven't already.
    Do we get a pic of the argyles????

  2. Hey little Sis, do you know if your friends have a specific place for your table runner? I love the back with grapes & leaves. Good job! oxox M.


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