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We are back to “normal,” whatever that is. JJ was sick with a cold/sinus infection for three weeks, but with the help of a Z-pak (antibiotic) he’s back on his game. I think he has had 3 or 4 colds in the 32 years we’ve been together. I, on the other hand have probably had 30. I used to get a cold every year until I stopped eating wheat. But then, I used to work in an area with three other people who had kids and they brought the little buggers’ bugs to work. So maybe it’s that.

Okay, I promised some pictures of the new window treatments. This is what we’ve got so far, the bedroom ones come tomorrow.

This is the Africa Room. I would like to paint the walls darker. Some day.

And this is the office. Southwest is passé, or maybe it’s in again, but the colors were right. We have cherry desks and bookcases in there. Our walls are not white, they are actually a sand or khaki color.

These are the cornice boxes in the main living area. I was afraid the stripes would freak me out but they’re hardly noticeable and the dots add a touch of whimsy. I would have preferred a swirly, paisley-type design, but the other half of Us hates paisley. IMG_2794


In the studio—I am making a table runner for our Dallas friends, a very belated hostess gift for putting up with us for six days. IMG_2797

This is the other side, just for fun. They can flip it over for a party.IMG_2799

That’s all for now! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Always enjoy your decorating tidbits......very excellent toppers.....animal prints are always good and seem to do well in any decor. gorgeous table runner. Guess I'll have to invite you over !!
    Glad you're home now that all the misery is occurring in Europe.

    Assume you'll make some delicious Thanksgiving fare to share with family or friends. Relax and enjoy the pause before the next season..... altho at MY age, I can't get too excited about all of that and take the lazy/easy route.


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