Pinot Tasting Party

Well, I’ve gone and done it again, I didn’t take photos. This time I even brought out the camera and set it up, ready to go, on the table. But I get so busy that I can’t be taking pictures. But I did get one of JJ opening and test-tasting the pinots before the guests arrived. The two white platters will hold Pork Tenderloin slices with that same Onion Garlic jam I put on the brie last week, and Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms. I guess I didn’t make enough food; everything got gobbled up.

We had ten people (including ourselves). It was very hot outside (90°) so we had the AC on. It was a little crowded with ten people. I think that’s our max, plus that’s all the seats we have outside. After a while I opened the door and it was the same temperature outside as inside, so we all went outside where we could sit with a plate of appetizers and enjoy the balmy evening.

This picture was from a couple days before. October brings beautiful, colorful “cloudsets.”

On the other side of the house, packing is happening. We are less than two weeks away from a Mediterranean cruise. Note to potential burglars: There is nothing to steal. Our TVs are ancient, we sold the gold jewelry years ago, and I’ll have the camera with me. You could steal the new laptop, it’s a piece of crap, I’ll put it in the front room so you can find it.


I’m looking forward to this trip (as always). It’s a nice itinerary, but a port every day. No sea days to rest and play cards. Except Rome, we will not go into Rome. We’ve been there and instead we will enjoy a down day on the empty ship. We have been to these countries, but most of the ports are new to us.


We are going with Tom & Deborah. I know I have a picture of them, but it must be on my phone. The new laptop refuses to shake hands with my phone. Anyway, they live in Carlsbad, which is where we stayed last spring while our house was being built, and we got to hanging out with them regularly. One night they invited us to their house for dinner and Deborah presented us with a cruise brochure and asked if we’d be interested. As I recall, it didn’t take very long to decide the answer. There were other friends going as well, but one by one they dropped out along the way.

So we have a lot to do; the next several days will be busy ones. Today we are going to meet my cousin for lunch at the beach. Funny—we live 6 miles from the coastline and we hardly ever GO there. Cousin Jim and his wife Sherree, who live in New Orleans, just drove the entire length of Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Jim turns 66 this year (I am 5 months older) and that is how they celebrated it. What a great idea!


  1. R & J Have a wonderful trip! xoxo, M

  2. What a good idea to have a wine tasting party. Sounds fun! And I know what you mean about not having time to take photos. I hope you can take a few on the cruise. I'm so jealous!


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