Saturday on the Rancho

Not a whole lot going on, but we are “getting around” to making some improvements to our nest. Actually, the truth is our budget has gotten caught up. I saw this piece in a catalog and it caught my eye. The catalog had been sitting on my desk for a couple of months and I finally was able to order it. I love it and it is perfect for the space.


Originally I was going to make a quilt for over the fireplace but I struggled with the thought that it would fight with the other art pieces in the room. I just love this!

Here’s another look at the lamps we got for over the island.

We had a heck of a time finding something we liked that didn’t cost a fortune because everything we like *does* cost a fortune. I guess we have expensive tastes. These looked better online than they do in person—they aren’t my favorite but they get the job done.

We went out for Indian food for our anniversary, which was a month ago but we were serious about our diets at the time. We haven’t been so serious lately because we didn’t lose much weight being serious (we lost some), and Thursday was the day. We both love Indian, actually we like pretty much any ethnic cuisine.

I had to have the Naan. I’m sure you understand.

And I needed the onion bhajis. I really did.

I only had a 3” square of the naan and two bhaji, but I knew there’d be hell to pay (gluten), and I was right. It has taken two days (so far) to get it out of my system. Even with ibuprofen my hip joints hurt real bad and I needed to use nose spray so I could breathe through my nose. Was it worth it? I said yes at the time, but the next day not so much.

I never know where gluten is going to get me. Could be my lungs, my brain, or my joints. It’s always a surprise.

Aren’t you impressed that I can turn a story about delicious Indian food into a tirade against wheat?

Here’s what Dr. David Perlmutter says about gluten in his book, Grain Brain.

It helps to understand that food sensitivities in general are usually a response from the immune system. When the body reacts negatively to food, it attempts to control the damage by sending out inflammatory messenger molecules to label the food particles as enemies, in a bid to wipe out the enemies.


When antibodies of the immune system come into contact with a protein or antigen, the inflammatory cascade is provoked, releasing a whole host of damaging chemicals known as cytokines.

Cytokines are highly antagonistic to the brain, damaging tissue and leaving the brain vulnerable to dysfunction and disease—especially if the assault continues. Cytokines are pivotal players in neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

[Can you say chronic migraines? I used to have them 2-3 times a month. I have had ONE in 18 months since I quit eating gluten.]

The problem with gluten is far more serious than anyone ever imagined and gluten sensitivity is far more prevalent than we realize—99% of people whose immune systems react negatively to gluten don’t even know it.

JUST EAT REAL FOOD! And bread is not real food. It is processed food.