Meandering into September

Have you noticed the sun moving south and the days getting shorter? I have. Fall is definitely in the air…or at least it’s around the corner. September-October can bring some of the hottest days in So Cal, but I’m hoping maybe because it has been a cool summer it will be a crisp Autumn. But cool is relative; I have come from the desert, remember.

I have solved 90% of my computer problems. The only thing I could not accomplish is getting my router/extender to work because the WiFi name is different since we moved and the passkey won’t work with it. I only want the router because the signal is low in the studio where I prefer to be. It’s far away from the WiFi portal, which resides in the wall in our closet on the other side of the house. But it’s a tiny inconvenience, and I can get another one if I can’t manage without it.

But—here’s the thing—in a last-ditch effort to find the passkey I plugged in the dead laptop and…it fired up! I even said to myself aloud, “This is ridiculous. It won’t work.” But it came alive like nothing was wrong. So I grabbed some CDROM disks and copied my photos and documents/data to disk. But the passkey was the same as the one I was trying (I had written it down), so no help there. And then it died again. Can you believe it? I still can’t. I got it all!!!

So, what else is new. We had our second block party Sunday and it was a blast—even better than the first one in June. The weather cooled down just in time and we were dancing in the streets as the beautiful full moon rose over the hills. We love living here—everyone does—and everyone is so nice and, well we just love ‘em all.

JJ is really getting into bridge. He plays twice a week at the bridge center in Dana Point, and is going to play in the Orange County Regional tournament next week. He’s got pals he talks about conventions with, I just love to see it. We were so isolated in the desert…and also the central coast, where we lived in a golf-centric community and JJ doesn’t play golf.

But I do, and I love my golf club. It’s a great group of folks, men and women, who play at about the same level (more or less) as me, and it’s for fun. It’s not serious like club golf, where it’s competitive and rules are strict and the women are bitches. Who needs that! And the courses we play are wonderful.

Let’s see how the new laptop does pictures. Not too good, but I think it’s operator error, I don’t have auto focus on this lens…it’s the one I broke.

We finally changed out the lights over the island. We looked and looked, and what we ended up doing is buying dimmable fluorescents (those screw-y looking ones), which I don’t think existed 18 months ago for this kind of fixture, and we only changed out the glass globes instead of re-building the whole fixture and hiring an electrician to do it. We saved hundreds…which ended up going to replace the computer, but still a good thing.

This afternoon we are having a decorator come to help us with valances. I can’t wait to see what fabrics she brings.