We are decorating. I think this is the last item on the wish list, but it’s a big one. Window treatments.

We have been auditioning fabrics and I think we are getting close. I kind of like this for the living area but JJ thinks it’s too gray. It is that.IMG_2413

But at night, with the lights on, it doesn’t look as dark—it has a really pretty silvery sheen.

It’s still a contender; I like it a lot, but I’m afraid I’ll get “sheened out” really quick.

It has a companion fabric that is even “sheenier,” and we both like it for the bathroom.

Yes I know, not much color, but I like it and I live here. (JJ likes it too.) It picks up the colors of the fixtures, mirror frames, and the floor. Tres elegante.

I chose this tiger print for the powder room. Fun.IMG_2419

Which will be known as the “Africa Room.” (Sorry about the blur.)

I now have a project: To make an Africa-inspired quilt (but not an elephant, at least not a gray one anyway) for the wall on the left.

In other news, it is raining!! We got a good soaking, which we so desperately need.

The plants are happy, happy. My car got a bath,too. IMG_2411


  1. So fun to see what you do with your lovely home. I like the sheeny ones but I'm always a bit timid to try something too different and tend to play safe. In this place, I put up shutters and called it done. Probably the most expensive route but didn't have to think about drapes/fabric. The Africa room is perfect.
    Rain just freshens everything up. My brother was close to the Butte fire up there but just missed being evacuated. Scary times in those dry places.

  2. Love that you have an Africa room. Your fabrics are delicious.

  3. The tiger print for the powder room is super! And making an African Quilt is an enticing assignment. I made one but ended up giving it to someone at work who had the perfect office to hang it in. I walked in, looked around at how she had decorated her space and said "Do I have a quilt for you!" She borrowed it and hung it and in the end I gave it to her. Isn't it fun to think of where your quilts have ended up?

    Glad you finally got some rain!

    Good luck picking out your window fabrics. Be sure to let us know what you decide.


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