Still Kicking

Hi, just checking in to say we're all fine and well. We have been dieting so we're not going anywhere or doing very much because everything seems to involve food. Our focus is on eating "clean" and getting some exercise. The weeks flow from one to the next and the schedule stays the same, week to week. The golf game is what it is. Nothing much to report. Weigh-in day is Monday: Down 5 pounds. (35 total). Have a great week!


  1. Well, if I read this are not being social because you don't want to detour from your diet....that doesn't sound like a fun thing..! We have no issue with eating before we go out if we know there is nothing we CHOOSE to not eat. And a simple salad works at a restaurant if there is nothing else. I think a healthy lifestyle can co exist with a social life !


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