July Wrap-up

For lack of a more creative title. Things are pretty much the same around here as they were when I wrote the last blog entry, but I am happy to report I lost 6 pounds in July. My clothes are getting looser and looser, even the new ones.

We went to Las Vegas for my 66th birthday. Actually, my birthday just happened to coincide with the trip, but it made everything a lot more fun. We met up with friends Sarah & Bill from Dallas, whom we met on the South Pacific cruise. We four love to play bridge, so we played bridge every afternoon and went to see shows and eat at swanky celebrity chef restaurants every night.

Now, here’s the thing: When we went to Vegas for New Year’s my camera stopped working. And the same thing happened this time! I checked it before leaving home and it was fine. My phone was acting up, too! Very strange.

So I stole some images from the internet, and I do have one or two from my phone.

We went to see Human Nature, which is a fantastic show featuring the great music from Motown, like the Temptations, Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, and more.
They are very good, and their name (Human Nature) is as incongruous as the fact that they are four white guys from Australia. But they do great Motown.

After the show we walked about a seven-iron (100 yards) to Delmonico’s, an Emeril restaurant. I love Vegas.

I had New Orleans style bbq shrimp. It looked exactly like this. I did not eat the chive biscuit. Gluten, yaknow.
I ate other stuff too, not just that (I was stuffed).

The next night we went to see Million Dollar Quartet, a musical play that has been on the stage in NYC and LA but we missed it. So we got to see it in Vegas, and we got to sit at front row table with cocktails. Fabulous!8119686-0-150007
The four guys play (L to R) Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Elvis. All very talented musicians, but the guy on the piano is incredible. Here they are in real life at Sun Records in Memphis.23146-050-1638E499

After that we went back to our hotel, The Wynn, and ate at Sinatra. I had a Jack Daniels in honor of ol’ Blue Eyes, and was presented with a gluten-free ice cream dessert for my birthday. Sarah and Bill made sure we got a free dessert everywhere we went! B131712B1F37B0B83BE3517465949E62

Sarah has a bunch of pictures in her phone, and when she sends them I’ll post them. Here’s one of Sarah and me.

I tried to take a selfie, but I suck at selfies. I am good at many things, but not selfies.
unnamed (1)

The Wynn has a beautiful casino and I dropped a little money into their kitty. I had a wonderful, wonderful time.
Switching gears, I played golf at beautiful Tijeras Creek Wednesday. Our group gets to play there once a month as part of our three-course rotation. Lordy it was hot!! I shot a 105, beating my partner by one stroke.

That is all the news. Things have been pretty slow around here this summer.



  1. Congratulations on the six pounds! That's really something especially since you went Vegas!

  2. We saw million dollar quartet when it came to Minneapolis a few years ago. I really enjoyed it too. Keep up the good work re: grain free.

  3. Happy Birthday you young thing !!. What a fun place to celebrate and meet up with such good friends. And then to end the month with loose clothes is an even bigger gift. You're looking really cute in your party clothes .


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