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We have lived in our new digs one year. Can you believe it? Time goes by so quickly it’s scary, and when you think about it, we don’t have that many grains of sand left in our hourglass.

So, make hay while the sun shines!

Seriously. For me that means playing golf. Which I did yesterday.

The weather has been SO hot and humid. We aren’t used to humidity around here, so we were all dripping and depleted when we finished and I had a killer headache. I scored a 103, not my best, not my worst. The practice helped. I was hitting my nemesis 3-wood off the deck really well. “Off the deck” being golf-speak for the ball is sitting on the grass and not on a tee.

Before the round, our group got a [free] sand-shot clinic. It didn’t help me, I’m hopeless when it comes to getting out of the sand. But I promise to practice. Scout’s honor.
Some of the gang having a go at it.
Speaking of making hay while the sun shines, the guy in the orange shirt, he was knocking at heaven’s door for a long, long time. Now he has a 40 year old heart in his 65+ chest. You can bet he lives every day as if it were his last.

I took the time, which is not easy at golf, to snap this photo of the thistles that are in bloom. Most of the year they just look like gnarly dead pricker weeds but they’re glorious right now.

This guy came out to eat something that was in front of the cart. He was looking at me until Jerry hit his tee shot and he turned to see what the noise was. This is a California ground squirrel.

I drove down the street this morning to take this picture of our house. It’s the one with the orange umbrella and patch of red bougainvillea at the fence.
I took it to show the contrast with 18 months ago.

Around the yard, some of our succulents are in bloom. Succulents are so interesting—I dig ‘em.

The gardenias are starting to come out to play, too.

Have a super July 4 holiday!


  1. Wish I was there playing~ even with the heat~ it's so fun~ I've been playing master chef in the kitchen~one arm it is a challenge, but I have Alan my sous chef!!!! made orange cranberry hand pies & beef bourguignonne pot pie~kept me busy all day~time for a cocktail and then~~check it out Hope it's worth it. Rather be playing GOLF
    Love Ya Cheryl

  2. I just love the photos of the plants/flowers. I remember Mother had gardenias in her hair in a long ago photo--the fragrance had to be marvelous. Thanks, Sis.


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