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Ever see one of these?
It is a Jerusalem Cricket. You don’t see them often thank goodness, because they can strike fear in the hearts of grown men. But they are harmless. This guy is about the size of a man’s thumb, he was curious about me and came out to have a look, but when I returned with a coin to show scale, he had lost interest. The first time we saw one (much larger) we screamed and ran, and tried to kill it of course. But now we just send them over the fence.

Besides, this guy will eat it for breakfast.
This is a sparrow hawk, and he or she circles the sky in front of our house all day, every day, squawking its hawk screech. I thought it was pretty cool for a while but now it has gotten annoying.

We have a lot of wildlife around here. Case in point—the margarita queue:

We had our first annual Del Webb block party Saturday. It was a huge hit and a lot of fun.1-IMG_2319
We geezers still like to party.

I took flourless chocolate brownies (decadent and gluten free). Good thing I brought them, because apparently I am the only geezer around here who can’t eat wheat.1-IMG_2301

The next day was Father’s Day—we had the “kids” over and took granddaughter Savannah for a swim. It was a beautiful day. We can go over to the family pool but they can’t come to our side. No kids allowed on our side. 1-IMG_2333

For dinner I made BBQ ribs, broccoli salad, and sweet potato fries. Deelicious! And leftover chocolate cupcakes for dessert. This was our first meal outside on our patio and the weather was absolutely perfect.1-IMG_2337

Today (Monday) I played golf.


  1. You two are party animals (just like us). We are off to Lake Tahoe until the first week of Aug. Big 70th b-day party on Aug. 1st for 2 of us. Big party on the 4th of July at my SIL's in Zephyr Cove. Scott is flying over from Honolulu for a long weekend for the 4th so he can get together with his cousins and Tahoe friends. He has not seen them in a few years (or new babies) so it will be fun. There will be several other parties while we are there as well.

    It has been hotter than hell here in the desert. Got caught in POTUS motorcade the other day - he was supposed to fly out at 1 pm and I waited until 2:25 to leave the house. I was the 5th car at Date Palm and Dinah Shore. Sat for 25 minutes to wait for the motorcade to travel thru. What a pain and here I thought I had given plenty of extra time for his 1 pm departure. I guess his golf game went longer than planned!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather. It is in the 80's at Tahoe so it may be a very warm summer there as well.

    Take care,


  2. So if you are a geezer so am I......margarita please!!! :0
    All the food looks great....the bug not so great and big...glad it is harmless.

  3. Did you put spoons in the cupcakes because they were gooey (being flourless) or just because it looked festive? You've put the notion of having bbq spareribs into my mind! Might need to make them this weekend. Sure looks like you are having fun!


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