And the livin’ is easy. I LOVE my outdoor room, I sit here every afternoon when I read. A gentle breeze comes up from the coast and it’s.…sublime.

I am very happy with the shades of coffee and cream here, and that is pretty much the palette inside the house as well. We have some furniture that we can’t replace just yet, i.e. the red sectional sofa, so I am making covers for the accent pillows, just to lighten things up and cool it down until then.
I love that ginkgo leaf fabric, I could easily reupholster the whole sofa in that…

I decided to retitle my blog. The title Rian’s Pages came from a group-thing I did ten-plus years ago with a bunch of artists where we worked through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a book designed to help you unleash your creativity by doing a daily exercise called “Morning Pages.” I’m not sure how well it worked, my creativity comes and goes. Recently I was talking to an old friend about the 50s TV show Adventures in Paradise and it sounded apropos.

JJ and I are dieting again, we want to whittle off another ten pounds, or whatever we can manage to lose, in the next month. We have pretty much cleared our calendar of social events that involve drinking and eating, and we have stocked up on Pellegrino. Keeping busy and active is key. And being vigilant and diligent, so diet is a major focus right now.

We eat fresh and organic anyway, we rarely eat processed food beyond maybe marinara sauce or mayonnaise, but we drink a fair amount of wine, which spikes your blood sugar and gets stored as energy (fat). Probably not a bad idea to give the ol’ liver a rest as well.

Time to go hike up the hill.


  1. Great blogs (last two) and the pics are great, too! Yes, the ginkgo leaf fabric is super. Hope you do consider reupholstering. Well, Two in Paradise is a good name as well as Adventures in Paradise. When you experience paradise and try to tell someone what it really is, the explanation comes out underrated. Paradise is so wonderful! I've experienced it one or two times. Enjoy your last few days of June as we will here in Arizona. For us, it's two weeks of monsoon gone by without rain. xoxo, M.

  2. Great fabrics for your pillows! Ah, that wine....I'm trying to slow down the pace by drinking a glass of fizzy water for every glass of wine, pouring smaller glasses of wine, and no wine after 8:00. My pay off is sleeping better, and that's worth a lot! Have you discovered La Croix, the canned sparkling water flavored with lime, or lemon, or orange? Makes a nice change from just Pelligrino. Anyway, good luck with your weight loss push. Lucky you to have a hill to climb; in Maryland we had to drive to hike a hill. So much easier out west.

  3. OH NO !! Not the wine !! My wine consumption is pretty minimal...maybe once or twice a week so don't feel like I need to curb the imbibing. Agree with Mary that Lacroix is a good thing....I like the lime.
    Great fabrics....I like the neutrals. My sofa and loveseat are wide-wale off white corduroy so goes with everything and they are very comfy....( LazyBoy).
    Life sounds really good out there on the Left coast. Glad we both found our happy place...and Mary as well.


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