My New Car

I have had new car fever for a couple years at least.

My ten-year-old Toyota Sequoia was fine but it was getting to be too big, too much to handle driving on the congested streets and parking lots here in the “city.”

I didn’t set out to buy a car yesterday, but we pulled into the Acura dealer to have a look around. This pre-owned Lexus was sitting there, and it caught my eye. It too is ten years old. But it’s the perfect vehicle for me.

I had only one criterion really, and that was that my golf clubs would fit in it.1-IMG_2282
They do! (We measured.)

I would have loved to have driven off with a brand-spanking new one, but it just didn’t make sense to spend $47,000 for a car that I only drive to the golf course or the store. It should serve me well for several years and we’ll take it from there.

So I traded in my ten year old huge workhorse SUV with 25,000 miles on it for a ten year old small luxury SUV with 35,000 miles on it, and it cost $8,000 to do it. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Maybe. But this was the car I had originally wanted all along but we needed Big Bud to pull a trailer…which we ended up not getting after all because we bought a motorhome instead, but that’s another story.

It was kind of bittersweet to see Bud go, but it was time. Age (mine) was a factor in my decision to downsize, and that was a bit of a reality check. But we won’t go there…

* * *

In other news, we continue to be very busy having fun with our active social life here in geezer town, playing bridge a couple times a week, plus the events at the club, and golf. J signed up to take BBQ grilling lessons (don’t you just love it?) and we went to a seminar on how to understand and program our complicated irrigation system.

We had Savannah for a couple of Sundays, she’s seven (already!) and very precocious.


  1. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted a Lexus SUV. Lucky you! Savannah looks like she's in a French cafe. Love the pearls.

  2. Your calendar is a bit busier than ours but I do need down time on a regular basis (read that lazy time ). So glad you two have found your place in the sun !
    We considered the Lexus but we needed a car we could tow behind the MH and the Ford and the Jeep work. Our good friends got the Lexus hybrid and had nothing but problems with it ( the electrical system) so they got rid of it. Plus, they never figured out all the fancy computer stuff for GPS and such. Sometimes simple is best.
    I need to update the blog someday..... maybe on one of my 'down time days'.....
    Samantha is at a fun age to spend with Grandma....

  3. Oops, my brain said Savannah and my fingers typed Samantha.....


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