Trip Report #5 Bonus Material

Everyone was exhausted from climbing all over Machu Picchu the day before, but Percy got us up and moving despite our protests. We visited another archeological site in Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, pronounced a little like “sexy woman”.

Turns out there are several archeological sites in the area, but how can anything possibly best Machu Picchu? Well, it did. This was a fortress built out of incredibly huge granite boulders. Blew my mind!

It sits on a mountain above the city of Cuzco. At 12,000 feet, we gasped for air like fish out of water as we dragged our feet.

For one thing, it’s massive.

Look at how precisely these giant rocks fit together. And note how the walls lean inward. Remarkable engineering.

Below is our group…to give you a sense of the size of these stones. It’s an amazing mystery, one that has yet to be explained. How did they get these boulders up to this site to begin with? Giants? Ancient Aliens?

Cue the llamas and alpacas!

Look at how these stones are cut so precisely in a parallelogram shape to make the doors and windows trapezoidal. How did they get them so smooth? Remember, they had no tools. And how could they know that slanting the walls inward would make the structure earthquake proof?


It’s hard to imagine how the Incas did this with no tools.

For a 1 Sole coin (~33 cents) you can take your picture with these ladies.1-1-IMG_2241

That’s the trip! I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't go somewhere else....I was just settling in for a long travelog.! Amazing what ancient peoples were able to do and amazing that it still survives. I hope you gave the ladies TWO soles since you have published the picture to the world wide blogosphere and maybe Natl. Geographic will pick it up and you'll be famous................maybe?

  2. Loved your travel report! I never head of Manchu Picchu or Sacsayhuaman and now I know a little bit about it because you went there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Enjoyed your trip reports~like Sue, I wish there were more ~always enjoy following along your journeys


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