The Thrill is Gone

One of the last great blues legends has left this world. Rest in peace, BB.

The big news around here is IT’S RAINING! We need rain so badly. The plants are happy, happy.

With the drought situation it’s just WRONG to complain about rain so I won’t, but we got our new patio furniture just before the first drops fell and I want so badly to sit outside but it’s really cold and blustery.
Love, love, LOVE this!

Mothers Day was nice, and the weather broke to make a beautiful day. Sorry the picture is so small—if I make it bigger it loses clarity. It wasn’t so long ago I was taller than Michelle.

My Mothers Day prezzie. It is telling me to get off my ass and move. It has a little smiley face in the display and right now it is sticking its digital tongue out at me.

I finally got my golf clubs re-gripped, about four years late. I shouldn’t show this photo, it’s from two years ago before I lost a bunch of weight, but it’s the best golf photo I could find. I have since gotten rid of that blouse because it’s two sizes too big now.1-DSCF1171

I’ve been spending a whole lot of time planning excursions for our trip this fall. It’s a lot of work, but a little pre-planning makes for a much richer experience. We are going with friends who have never been on a cruise or to the Mediterranean so I’m doing the legwork because I have the know-how.

Before we left on the last trip I found a better hiding place for the little pouch of jewelry and cash that I keep around. Now I can’t find it. Grrrr.


  1. Enjoyed all the newsy news. LOVE the new furniture. We need to get some for CO when we get there...but, due to the winds, we need heavy stuff that won't blow away....thinking of cast iron but I could easily be swayed by buying yours. ( did you find it in a national chain ?? )
    When and if we go on another cruise, I'll just have you plan it for us. I've always wanted to do the Med....and Turkey.
    I got most of my clubs regripped also and expect it will improve my distance and skill level immensely....if only it were that easy !!
    COLD in sunny CO.... and lots of rain and hail....
    Cute golf picture.... I cropped it 2 sizes smaller !

  2. Love your new patio furniture! Saw the golf photo and thought "hey, she doesn't look like that" and then read the caption which said it was taken a while ago. You're looking younger as you lose weight! Very jealous of your trip planning. Would love to be planning a trip to Italy but we're stuck at home with a high schooler. Should have had kids in my twenties; then we'd be free to travel now. Oh, well, we were working and having fun back then and too busy for kids, so it all worked out. Is it still raining there? It is here, for about the third week in a row.


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