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Even when there is little to blog about.

I shot a 97 at golf the other day. Now that’s blog-worthy. I used to score in the high 90s from time to time, not often, but as I get older double-digit scores are rarer and rarer.

I don’t know if it’s because I got my clubs regripped—which I honestly can’t fathom but hey you never know—or if it’s because I played with 3 men. I can drive the ball pretty good for my age and gender, but you play better when you play with better players. Now, you should know I play from the gold (senior) tees at this course…because they have them, and because I qualify and my handicap index says I can.

I usually play with another woman my age and she takes about 130+ strokes, so maybe it was the company. Whatever. I was stoked. And I beat my male partner by two strokes. But he was having a bad day. He’s usually better.

We had an oil spill up the coast near Santa Barbara. That’s really sad. And ugly. It will take months to clean up and a lot of marine life will die.
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Around home, J has been dealing with some unpleasant gallbladder issues. Gallstones is the suspected diagnosis but we won’t get the results of his tests until next week. Meanwhile he’s hanging in there. I still eat low carb high protein and now J’s eating high carb low fat. Makes for some interesting dinners.

While on the subject of health, one of our book club members had a heart attack…AT the meeting! She’ll be fine and she’s already home from the hospital, but that really throws some reality in your face. She is about my age and not what *I* would call overweight.

There has been a lot of hockey and basketball on the TV lately. The Ducks, who used to be a joke, are in the Stanley Cup finals this year and that’s exciting stuff.

The Lakers, not so much.

We got the rest of our patio furniture. I insisted on a round table so we could play cards there, and a metal table because I have had everything else and metal wins, hands down. I doubted we needed seating for six.

We assembled it ourselves. I did most of it because J was feeling poorly and I was pretty achy the next day. I hope it’s safe to sit on.

Weather continues to be cold and blustery. We’re wearing our fuzzy slippers and sweatshirts around the house. It’s too cold to sit outside for sure. We still need some accoutrements like lanterns and rug to pull it together.

The succulents are happy with the intermittent rain we’ve been getting. 1-IMG_2277

Well, that’s all the news. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.


  1. I can't get over the women having a heart attack at your book club meeting! The thought of it keeps coming to me at odd times; can't imagine how it may have affected you! Sobering.

    Love your succulents and your patio looks so inviting.


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