Return to Reality

There is always so much to do when you return to your regular routine after a trip. We cleaned the house before we left because we had some people come water our one plant and we didn’t want them to think we were slobs, but we needed to do it again when we returned. What’s up with that?

That stinkin bird returned to claim his sleeping spot. He must have seen us leave. This foil treatment foiled him before, hope it works again. IMG_2263

And another bird (no relation to the first one) made a nest in our light fixture. I felt bad about the nest, but… Lacking bird tape, I’m hoping the masking tape will be enough to keep it away. So far, so good, but birds are persistent.IMG_2264

The hills returned to their usual color of gold. I’m too old to climb into the planter to take the bars out of the scene. IMG_2265

It has been chilly and blustery this week, and it even rained, which we need so desperately. Good golf weather! Cool cloudy weather trumps hot sun every time. My back feels good so I am hitting the ball really well. Sadly, my score didn’t reflect that. No matter—I enjoy my weekly golf game so much anyway. It’s just a bunch of us geezer-hackers in the neighborhood, but it’s great camaraderie and it just makes me happy.

Our neighborhood supermarket (Pavilion’s) was taken over by Haggen, who gobbled up a bunch of markets in the southland. Haggen touts itself as Whole Foods meets Safeway, but we didn’t see it. We were unimpressed. On top of that they had no customer service person on the floor and they were rude when we asked where something was. Who needs that. Too many markets in the sea and there is a real Whole Foods across the freeway.

Congratulations! I’m celebrating one year of grain free living! I had a cookie on the ship and I have tasted a corn chip now and then so I can only claim 99.9% grain free, but it’s an important milestone to me. I have never been healthier or felt better in my life! There was a virus going around on the ship and a lot of people got sick, but I didn’t! That’s big news. Usually I’m the first to catch what’s going around. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been sick since I gave up grains.

In a tiny nutshell, grains, but especially wheat, cause inflammation and if your immune system is busy (and worn out) fighting inflammation, it can’t protect you from what’s going around. Makes sense?


  1. Congratulations indeed !! When we make a change that goes against popular ideas, it can be challenging unless the results are overwhelmingly positive and affirming. We're still at opposite ends of the food spectrum so I'll eat the grains and you can have my meats.
    Arriving Denver today...yea 😃

  2. I'm envious of your weekly golf game; sounds like such friendly fun. I took some lessons in Maryland but still haven't ever played a full game. Do you think it is too late? Probably....I guess golf will be like Spanish; something for the next life!

  3. The Pavillion's in Rancho Mirage is also going to be a Haggen. Have't been there in a week so I do not know if the change-over has happened. We do have a Whole Foods in Palm Desert but I have yet to go there. I do pop into Bristol Farms occasionally if we are having company - but just for something special that I can't get in Pavilions. But, I am sure I will end up shopping at Haggen. I do not care for the Rim Rock's Von's in Palm Springs at all - I loved Pavilions.


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