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Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!”….Robin Williams

Spring is definitely in the air around here. As if we ever had a winter. But things are waking up, and we’ve had some rain, which makes things green (we don’t see a lot of green in these parts). This is a view from the front of my house. The yellow is wild mustard.

The bougainvillea seems to like it here. It is filling in nicely.1-IMG_1609

I still play golf every Wednesday. This is #16 at Arroyo Trabuco, a short par-4. I can easily make par here…but I never have. Yet. More women have joined our golf group. There were only two of us ladies in the beginning, now there are eight. Yay!

We are constantly busy—there is so much going on in our little enclave of active seniors. The bridge players have finally come out of hiding so now we have a whole bunch of people to play bridge with. Jim has joined the bocce ball team. They started a Zumba-style dance class twice a week but I can only go on Fridays because that’s the only day in the week that isn’t spoken for.zumba_img_gold
(image shamelessly stolen from the internet)

They have broken ground on an assisted-living facility on the other side of the hill in the orange groves…won’t that be convenient when the time comes. Have I mentioned how much I love it here?

We are steadfastly sticking to our diets, although we aren’t losing much weight…the scale does creep downward, but ever. so. stubbornly. Macy’s was having a huge weekend sale and we were at the door when they opened Friday and scored some great deals. We badly needed new clothes—clothes that fit. I am between sizes. Another 6 pounds and I’d be right on the money, but noooooo. I got the larger size, which is a little too roomy. Pout.

We saw The Second Best Marigold Hotel. I liked it because of the Bollywood music and spectacle (I love Bollywood). Of course there was a wedding… The movie centers around a bunch of 70/80-somethings riding past gaily decorated elephants in Jaipur on motorbikes, with impossibly perfect hairstyles and beautifully flowing gauzy garments. It’s always a delight to watch Maggie Smith and Judi Dench onscreen, but there isn’t much to the story beyond these horny geezers mired down in the same problems a bunch of frat boys might have: How to get laid before I die, does she like me, should I go for it I don’t know…you get the idea. If you haven’t seen the first Best, you should; it’s delicious. It’s running on PPV right now.
Now, what the heck does that mean.

Speaking of Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey is over already!!

Nothing to report in the studio. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. I'm so bummed Downton Abbey is over for the year. Thought I saw Mrs. Crowley i the 2nd Marigold previews, and Lady Rose in the previews for the upcoming Cinderella.

  2. So glad you are having so much fun!


  3. Your new community is keeping you very busy - and happy! Isn't it nice to have compatible people so handy? Kind of reminds me of college, just way more grown up.

    Love the bougainvillea!


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