A Day in the Life and Ribs

This is retirement life. All these activities took place within a 24-hour period. You know that commercial, right? What’d you do all day…oh, the usual.

JJ plays Bocce. The guy on the right (Bob) is in my golf group.

While the men throw the balls, the girls do this. 1-IMG_1617

The next morning is Book Club. I was trying to be surreptitious with the camera so I took this just as the group was breaking up. We read “Secret Daughter” which was very good, it was a story about India and motherhood and the culture of only keeping boy babies. A book club is neat because everybody seems to pick up something about the story that you may have missed. 1-IMG_1618

At the same time Book Club was going on, Bridge Club was happening down the hall. Alas, I cannot be in both places. It is St. Patrick’s Day, hence the weird green clothing. 1-IMG_1619

Selfie. Sort of—it’s taken in the mirror. This was the best green I could muster. We are off to “Taco Tuesday,” but it was outside the 24-hour photo period and I left the camera at home. Maybe next time.

I promised you ribs. I make outrageous ribs, and they are so simple and easy (and amazing) you won’t believe it. I made them right after I took the above photo and we ate them after we got home from Taco Tuesday at the club.

Start with a vacuum pack of ribs, baby-backs are great but I never seem to find them. These are just back ribs. I season them with basic BBQ-style seasoning. Like Emeril’s seasoning for example. I do not pull off the membrane like recipes suggest—that is just way too fiddly—I slit it at each rib and it goes away somewhere and disappears, bada bing.1-IMG_1621

You could put some liquid in there if you want, a little pineapple juice is nice, or Jack Daniel’s, but you don’t need it. It’s fine with or without.1-IMG_1624

I wrap the whole thing up in foil and put it in the oven at about 300 for a couple hours. I knew I’d be gone a long time (2.5 hours) so I set the oven at 285 and went out the door. When I came home, it looked like this. Tender and completely cooked but not falling apart, and all the flavor is in there. Why people boil them is beyond me. 1-IMG_1636

I cut the ribs into 2-3 rib sections and put them on the grill to finish them. I don’t use any sauce while grilling because it just burns. I only pass the sauce at the table. I like my ribs Memphis-style, which is “dry.” Just a little sauce is all you need and you can get very creative with the sauces. Carolina honey, sweet ‘n spicy, maple-Jack Daniels…NOW they’re falling-off-the-bone good and full of flavor.

Sorry for the meat porn, Sue.1-IMG_1638
So delicious. And a total no-brainer, they cook themselves.

Tomorrow I play golf, so I’d better go get my beauty sleep. Life is goooood.


  1. Rian, you're killing me !! I might have to put blinders on when I read your blog. But you are very cute in that pic, despite lack of real green.....
    For years, when I looked at meat or fish, I envisioned the animal part that it came from. That's why I could eat hamburger but a steak was repulsive. My DIL is the same way. As a Dr. she spent so much time dissecting that she can't eat chicken parts.....it has to be cut up in just chunks or shredded. She's ok with turkey...??
    We're off to the GC as well......Play well !!

  2. Little sister, you are looking good in the selfie. You can tell you have lost weight. Now for the ribs, they look so yummy! I didn't wear green and someone pinched me! M.


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