Hello February!

Fun continues. We are delighted with our new digs and our new friends. There is so much going on!

I didn’t accomplish much in the studio except make a mess—fabric is everywhere. I am nothing if not exuberant.

We had a couple dinner parties. Here’s a photo from last night’s fete:

These are some of Jim’s high school classmates. The two women, Susan and Joan, we travel with. Joan is getting up because she wants to get a picture with me in it.1-IMG_1584
Susan was homecoming queen and Steve (right), was class president. Hey--we hang with the best of ‘em.

Naturally I didn’t take a photo of the food—there’s always too much commotion at serving time. We had rumaki and spicy grilled shrimp for appetizers, and for dinner we had Korean BBQ steaks, coconut rice, and baby bok choy salad with peanut dressing. Joan brought gluten-free chocolate pie for dessert.

Here’s a bummer:1-IMG_1579

The hot tub sprung a leak. Jason is digging out the insulating foam to locate the source of the leak. He found it. Evidently one of the hoses was punctured when the spa was built and has been leaking from day one. He’ll be back to repair the hose and re-spray the insulation. He said he’d make it good as new. It’s always something.

Today we’ll go to the kids’ house for Super Bowl. Tomorrow I play golf at San Clemente (a really tough course), Tuesday we play bridge both morning and afternoon, Wednesday is golf at Arroyo Trabuco, Thursday I rest, Friday we’ll be prepping for another dinner party on Saturday…you can see why I don’t get a lot of quilting done.

That’s all the news. I just might be a little brain-dead this morning.


  1. R - You are looking so good--love the photo with you and Jim and friends. Hey, I'm brain dead just about every a.m. and today I decided to wake up and get a Starbucks Flat White with Mocha. Now I am awake and happy! Enjoy your day! xoxo M

  2. Me thinks you are having too much fun ! So glad you have landed in such a friendly area with all the stuff that makes you happy.


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