Happy New Year 2015

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Let the diet begin.

When New Yorkers are snug in their beds at 3AM, we in the Pacific Time Zone are just reaching a fevered pitch. In Las Vegas, they close down the Strip to traffic and 320,000 revelers take to the street to watch the fireworks. Times Square has nothing on Vegas. Fireworks fill the Las Vegas sky New Years 2006.

But we were oblivious to all of that. We were inside at a fabulous party in our hotel. The Las Vegas Hilton is a little long in the tooth these days, but they threw a great party. It truly was grand. The food was exceptional, the liquor was free, the band was terrific, and we danced our legs off. Below, the midnight balloon drop:1-20150101_000015

I took two cameras to Vegas but both cameras had low batteries. Figures. I am usually the photographer and I have few photos of myself, which is why I rarely show my face around here. But everybody had cell phones, so I got a few pictures of Jim and me to share.


The cast of characters: Tom, Deborah, Jim, Cheryl, Alan, Rian.1-20141231_213208 (1)


Compare us with last year (below), there are 55 fewer pounds of us. Jim couldn’t button his coat last year. I was busting out of my clothes. We have about 20 more pounds (each) to lose.BEFORE

A selfie.20141231_212119

Tomorrow we head home. The landscaping is finished—I can’t wait to show you!


  1. Just catching up ..... not easy to do when you are partying around. Great pics. You've had a great year...can't wait to see what you accomplish in '15'...


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