Foggy Day

I like to understand things about nature, science, and astronomy. But I don’t get fog. This fog rolled in last night and is still with us today, and getting thicker. I don’t understand what makes it happen. It has been way too hot for January so I am glad because I like it cool. I play golf tomorrow—good thing I don’t hit it very far…

That little bell hanging on the fence is from Kathmandu. A friend traveled there and brought it to me.

The Progressive Dinner was a success. I made Chicken Dijon, which goes together in a flash. It’s a no-brainer. But how to keep it hot for 3.5 hours without turning it into a chew-fest… So I browned it and put it in the crockpot, then I made the sauce to completion, cooking it way down so it wouldn’t be loose and slurpy later. I turned the slow cooker on low and sent up a little prayer.

It was very good and got raves. Here is the recipe.

We all had a very good time. We have a tight-knit little community here and everyone is so nice—interesting people, interesting stories. The white-haired woman and her husband were competition ballroom dancers. All the people at the table have been married 40+ years except Jim and me, who are both on our third marriages, so we regaled them with a few funny stories from our wild, single days. We an unusual and amusing story about how we met. I’ll tell you sometime.

It’s fun to see each other’s houses and how they decorated them—so different! After the main course, we all (6 groups of 8) met back at the clubhouse for dessert and coffee. Everyone had been drinking wine all evening…imagine 48 baby boomers all talking at once. All new best friends.

There was a nice article about our community here. Below is a picture of our clubhouse, we play bridge here on Monday afternoons and this is where we have our happy hour gatherings once or twice a week. Gavilan_Hacienda

I have been busy planning and organizing a couple of trips we’re taking this year. In the spring we’ll go to the South Pacific, starting in Tahiti and calling at Napa Rui (Easter Island) among others, ending in Peru where we will go to Machu Picchu. In the fall we are taking a Mediterranean cruise with friends Deborah and Tom. We will start in Barcelona and end in Venice, with many ports in between. There is so much to see! We could just take the ship’s tours but they cost five times as much as private tours, so there is a lot of work to find and organize excursions that will make it truly memorable. It’s not really work, it just takes time.

Okay! Let’s go to the studio. I finished the background, which I paper-pieced. Actually I paper-piece everything, but there are two distinctly different techniques. Anyway, I started piecing the elephant. 1-IMG_1569

I started out as I usually do, saying, “who says elephants have to be gray (or brown)! So I incorporated some purples…but I don’t like them. It’s not the color so much as the shapes of the pieces—long strips. I need to break them up into smaller pieces. I will re-do the belly section. I have more than enough gray fabrics to work with…it’s just that I like unexpected color.1-IMG_1574
So it’s on the back burner while I cogitate my next move.

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  1. Rian, you sound so happy - it comes across in your writing. I love your elephant, but then I love all your pieces! It sounds like you have finally found the perfect spot to live - good friends and good times and hopefully good weather! Your trips sound wonderful and you have so much to look forward to.

  2. I'm at my sister's horse farm near Santa Clairita. We visited Catalina island yesterday & enjoyed the fog. Today we went to Huntington Library. Wonderful place.

  3. A dream come true with so many new friends. Listen to your sister--you need to go to the gift shops on your next 2 cruises. Traveling sounds more than exciting. I would love to see 'masks' in Venice as they are so over the top in color and composition and they are made to match an entire outfit. I am so very happy for you and Jim. I can see some colors in your art quilt and I like the oranges/tans/browns. I think a gray elephant is not a bad idea as it will pop out in your quilt. Wishing you the most marvelous year ever! Your loving sister, M.

  4. Oooh, I love elephants so I'm excited about the quilt, looking forward to seeing that!

    Also, curious about how you met your Jim, I want that story. I have a Jim too, we've been married almost 53 years.High school sweethearts, boring story.

    Take care,


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