Elephant Tales

For my next quilting project I decided to do an elephant. Yes, it seems a rather weird subject to me, too. Especially given that it will go here…

…and be a focal point. We even had a special spotlight installed for whatever quilt might hang there. It’s called an eyeball, and you can see it on the ceiling. That spot of brightness is coming from the sun reflecting off something outside. Not the spotlight.

I chose the elephant because, when we were on safari in Zimbabwe a few years ago, this elephant turned around and started to charge at us because we were getting a little to close to its space and it had decided enough was enough.

I snapped the picture just before the driver turned and beat it out of there. It’s really difficult to get a sharp picture because the vehicle is moving—and bumpily, I might add—and so is the animal.

So there is a story behind the upcoming quilt.1-IMG_1558

I made the drawing Saturday and I was pleased with it—it is reversed because that’s how I roll—but after I lived with it for a few days I decided the shapes look a little psychedelic. It’s going to be only slightly colorful, but still...

So I decided to redraw it. This is my lightbox system. You can see that it’s a rather large piece.

In other news, we had the floor repaired again. For the third time. And we are not happy with it, we are going to have it done again. Every time they fix it it gets worse. If it was in a far corner, we’d just go with it but it’s right in the middle. It’s practically impossible to dig up a board without nicking the adjacent boards, then to replace them and get them even. It took seven hours to replace four boards. On top of that, the wood has been discontinued and will be impossible to replace once it’s all gone. This could get even more interesting.

Social life in our little senior community continues to expand. We play bridge on Monday afternoons now, and I play golf every Wednesday. There is a “happy hour” at the clubhouse every week, plus monthly Book Club. There are other things, like Mahjong, Bunco, and Bocce Ball, but there are just not enough hours in the day or days in the week.

We signed up with the Progressive Dinner “club” and got tagged to do the entrĂ©e. Great. My neighbor warned me I might get stuck having six people I did not know come to dinner. She was right. Oh well. The team captain said don’t stress, keep it simple, it’s not about the food, it’s about meeting people and having a good time. It’s this Sunday—I’ll let you know how it went.

That’s all for now, time to get back to my elephant.


  1. I am so intrigued by the elephant and how you will interpret it. I'l look forward to progress shots. I like the idea of a psychedelic elephant.
    So what's you're entree....can I come??

  2. Can't wait to see the elephant piece! I made an elephant wallhanging that starts with snails trails & ends up with 4 elephants. It was fun paper piecing.

  3. Wow, that elephant will be a show-stopper, especially hanging in that focal point above the fireplace. Very cool.

    Wonder what you'll serve at your dinner party; hopefully something you can just take out of the oven and put on the table. I thought the whole point of a Progressive Dinner party was to meet people you don't know. Hope it turns out to be fun!

  4. Love elephants~can't wait to see the results. Sounds like you & Jim found the perfect fit for you new home and neighbors.
    Hope to see you soon


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