Sunday, July 20

Making Serious Progress

There is nothing like having houseguests to get one off their assets and finish (pretty much) in three days work that could easily be procrastinated for a couple weeks. Friends Mike and Marty are coming Wednesday. So we kicked it into high gear over the weekend.

Basically what that means is, we hung the art. What a difference art makes! And wonder of wonders, it all fit, with room for a new piece or two! Unbelievable. We have a lot of art. It took two days to get it all up.

The armoire is 110% too big for the room but whaddaya gonna do. I don’t have a quilt that’s perfect for that spot over the fireplace, so I’m going to make one. It’ll be a great project to help me get back in the groove.

We exchanged the tan faux-suede barstools for chocolate leather ones and we like ‘em! Yay! We thought we’d sit at the counter for breakfast, but we find we like the dining table more. The view is nice and the breeze is heavenly. The chandelier will get changed out as soon as I have time to shop for one. DSCF1337

This is J’s office (my desk is on the right, out of the picture). He likes his art hung high. It’s his room <shug>.DSCF1339

This is the hall that leads to the powder room. The afternoon sun was blasting through the window so I closed the door. DSCF1340

Looking through the front door. Sorry about the boxes—they’re gone now. We got that rug in Turkey. It’s silk and beautifully iridescent. We usually hang it on a wall but this time we hung it on the floor. DSCF1341

Here’s our front. The windows are the studio/guestroom. That’s Bud parked in front. I decided to not sell it. It’s only got 23,000 miles on it and it costs nothing to keep it. We have other things we want to spend our money on right now. House stuff. DSCF1342

Here’s our little “California Room.” Like the furniture? Check out that view reflected in the windows. DSCF1343

This is our bedroom. It’s pretty small. Rather, our furniture is pretty big. I am standing outside to take the picture. I wonder how long it will be before I hook my little toe on that bench on my way to the bathroom in the night. DSCF1344

In other news…there really is no other news. I took a longer walk today and my hip barely hurt at all. The walking is painful (but not very much) and it makes it feel stronger/better in the long run, and each day it hurts less. By the time we get all this house stuff done, I’ll be ready to go to the golf practice range. Next week maybe.

I love it here. I am so happy we did this. It’s a lot of work right now, but it’s worth it and we’re in a good place.

Wednesday, July 16

Little by Little

We are getting it all done.


Inside, we are just about ready to hang the art. The window shades (stacked at the top of the windows) are in. We should get the cardboard boxes out soon—you get one chance to have them picked up, and we have just a couple more boxes to empty. The rug you see will be replaced by a sisal one if it ever gets here. I am shopping for light-colored pillows to lighten up the red sofa. When I find the time, that is. I loved the beachy ones at Pottery Barn but they are all sold out and the fall/winter colors are coming in. I knew I should have bought them in April but we had no place to keep them. Oh well.


We got the above barstools from Pottery Barn and we hate them. They are going back today. They are faux suede and just all wrong. They’re pretty massive, but then the island IS more like a continent. Some of the junk on the right side of the picture is still waiting there for us to disperse it somewhere. I love the kitchen. I love the whole house. We get wonderful ocean breezes through that window at the dining area. I am over the moon with the AIR here!


I got the studio done, everything is put away…quilts will get hung in here, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. See how the shade color looks different against the walls? In “real life” they are the same color. The walls always wash out to off-white in photos. The are really tan, about the color of the sofa.

That’s Bud (my SUV) outside the window. My SIL was going to buy it but changed his mind. Now I have to sell Bud first. Disappointing, but at least I can take my TIME now. I was crunched to get wheels ASAP before he gave it back. There are just too many other things vying for my time. I had been shopping online and now every car dealer north of the border has my number and wants my business. You can imagine. We’ve stopped answering the phone.


J got the office done. Everything fit, but just barely. I can’t show you the bedroom because ONE of us is still sleeping. We got the blackout shade yesterday (finally!!) but it’s all wrong and now I have to fight with the Blind Guy to pretty much take it and shove it. We are very disappointed with the shades. Quite a few of them are just plain wrong. We will have to start over in many rooms. Really pisses me off. I don’t have time for this.

We found a Landscape Guy. Yesterday we went to some neighbors’ houses and looked at the landscaping he had done there and liked it. We like him, too. So that’s a load off. Now I have to make specific, to-scale drawings for approval. Landscape Guy tells me “they” are being really persnickety so I have to do a precise job. Or pay an architect. We’re considering the latter.

In other news, my sore and stiff back and hips are quieting down and easy mobility has returned. Yoga classes have started up but I’m not ready for that yet. My book club met yesterday and it was a good time. I love the book—so far—(All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr) but I didn’t get much read in the small window of time I had—I joined late because of Moving Day.

The diet is still going well, even though I have recently been drinking wine at night to help ease the achy joints. (That was my excuse anyway.) Wine and weight loss don’t mix, so I need to cut that out. My clothes are too big and I’m digging in the archives of the closet to find what was previously too small. The new Chico’s top that I only wore once before I shrunk it in the wash now fits. It feels great to be thinner! But the best news of all is, NO MIGRAINE IN 3 MONTHS since I quit eating wheat.

Well, time to run, everyday errands still need to get done. Thanks for stopping by. Life is good.

Sunday, July 6

A Journey of 1,000 Miles

We are making progress, but it’s at a snail’s pace. There is so much to do and we really need to be about 15 years younger for this. We are tired. Everything you want to do you have to move two things in front of it before you can get to it.

I figure if I waited until everything was ship-shape to show some pictures, it might be several months before I checked in.

This is the dining area (duh), we actually use it every day now. Before, we just walked past it. You can see the island, which is more like a continent. You may remember the granite story; we ended up taking the standard granite upgrade and, while it ain’t a show-stopper, it’s nice enough and we’re fine with it. We bought three barstools at Pottery Barn yesterday (to be delivered).

I like the new Samsung 3-door fridge, it wouldn’t hold enough for a family but it’s plenty big enough for the two of us. Is it shiny or what! Lordy! When we shopped for it I was more interested in its inside than its outside and paid no attention to how shiny it is. Someone told me to watch out for that but I didn’t remember it at the time.

Moving to the right, this is the laundry room. We upgraded it (size). The extra cabinets here are so welcome because there isn’t that much storage in the kitchen. We upgraded the kitchen cabinets: All the shelves pull out so you don’t have to get down on your knees to find what’s gone missing in the back of the cabinet. It’s a great concept but you give up a lot of shelf space for it. I love the new Samsung washer and dryer; very efficient and quiet. What you can’t see to the left is a pantry. It is full with kitchen equipment that wouldn’t fit in the kitchen.

Here is a wider angle shot of the kitchen. IMG_1197

This is our backyard barbecue, LOL! The window you see is the dining room. I’m going to sketch out some landscape ideas next week. The houses on both sides of us are still empty. The house you can see, they have issues with their tile floor and have not closed yet. The house on the other side, behind me, fell out of escrow. Too bad—they were a delightful couple. The house was decorated really weird (IMO)—all white. White walls, white cabinets… So far they haven’t been able to sell it. I hope we don’t get creepy neighbors—a woman who was looking at it the other day was a real nut job. We know this because she was asking US all kinds of questions about it…and arguing with us. WTF?

This is the view. Or at least a part of it—it’s practically 180 degrees of wonderfulness. We are going to plant grasses at the fence (which the camera lens is poked through) to camouflage the houses below. There is a major intersection down there, you may be able to see it, and traffic will increase exponentially over the next few years as the area to the east is built out. They have graded two of the “corners” for retail, which will be both a blessing and a curse. There was a time I would have been majorly upset about the growing traffic noise and light pollution, but that’s civilization. There is a streetlamp on the street below that shines directly into our bedroom, but nothing can be done about that either—thank goodness I ordered blackout shades for the bedroom (if they ever get here we will get a good night’s sleep), but it will make climbing in and out of the [future] hot tub interesting. Just a little privacy issue that needs mitigating. NBD.

Finally, here is the studio/guest room. It is a nice space, plenty big. I have a LOT of work to do in here. We made huge progress yesterday—everything that belonged in the closet was in the room, and everything that belonged in the room was in the closet—at least we got the big items in the right places. The big shelf units we brought from the desert house don’t fit. In fact, we have a lot of things that don’t fit, not only the quantity but the furniture is scaled about 110% too large for the house. It’s like trying to fit six pounds of shit into a five-pound bag.

In other news, I lent Bud (my big SUV) to SIL Chris, who wants to buy it. Which means I can get my new car soon (as soon as he pays me)—and that’s kinda fun.

I joined some clubs; I joined the women’s golf club at San Juan Hills, and here at Gavilan I joined a book club, a quilting/stitching club, and a yoga class. All of which I have yet to attend.

Another club I joined as of July 1 is Medicare! Yep, I am officially a card-carrying senior citizen! Where DID middle-age go… The government is supporting us both now! Ha ha!

We are still watching our diets—for the most part—a couple of celebrations got in the way, but we are vigilant and we are losing. We are progressing at a snail’s pace on that too, but making progress.

That’s about all for now. I hope all is well in your world, I haven’t had time to check in with any of your blogs. Sorry about that. I’m on a Facebook diet, too. I have added a lot more time to my day since I stopped doing FB. That’s another habit I can do without.