The Week in Review

We had rain! We got a good soaking. We need rain desperately and we don’t get much, so it’s a good thing.

So we hunkered down and I made pot roast. See that light in the lower left? That’s the one that shines in our bedroom at night. Bastard. 1-IMG_1465

I did get a chance to play golf before the rain came. I went with a neighbor who said she wasn’t very good, and boy was she right! It made for a tough day on the links. We got paired with two Japanese women…at the risk of stereotyping, those little Asian ladies can hit the hell out of the ball! Man! I’ve never known one that couldn’t, and I don’t know how they do it. They were very patient with my friend, who really didn’t belong out there. I’m going to take her to a smaller executive course next week. At least I’m getting some practice in—I re-upped my membership in the ladies’ league and I’m going to start playing regularly again, so I need to get some semblance of a game back.

Here are a couple pictures of the tree: It’s small, but then we have a much smaller house now. It goes up real fast, I like that. 


I want to get some gold sparkly garland. It needs more gold. 1-IMG_1461

The landscaping is going well, it doesn’t look terribly different so I didn’t put up a photo. It occurred to me that I never showed you the front of our house, which is a staging area for the stone—they gotta put it somewhere. This is Pedro. He’s a cutie. 


Inside, I have been quilting the cactus. For the life of me I couldn’t come up with an idea how to do it and then I spied a real prickly pear cactus on the hill and there was my answer. You may notice a hole with the batting showing, a big flower will go there. Big.


That’s all, Folks! Have a good weekend! Christmas is only 3 weeks away…yikes!


  1. Ooh, the tree is very pretty!

    I was going to ask if you had any grass around your house as all we've seen is the pavers. I do spy some green in the pic of the front.Green looks good to me right now as we have white everywhere, and winter has not begun!! Long time before we see green here.

    Where do you put your automobiles with all that stuff in front of garage?

    Take care and Happy Holidays!


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