Piecing Artistry

These guys knock me out. You don’t see many true artisans these days.

I know you’re probably sick of looking at this. They pieced the ribbons (borders) and the walkway down the side of the house yesterday. I was fascinated with how they do this. I mean, look at these cuts in the stone! 1-IMG_1478

Below, the finished path. They still have to fill the cracks with whatever they fill them with. I LOVE IT! I am very happy with how everything looks so far.

Continuing with the piecing theme, here is a little “Beauty” I pieced about a decade ago. I made it for a specific bedroom and then we moved. It’s finished, but I never quilted it. Maybe someday.1-IMG_1485

Wait, there are more piecing stories. If you’ve been following along you know they have replaced some floorboards because some moron rolled a bathtub over the newly-laid floor. Well, they replaced a bunch of the boards (and missed several) and many of the ones they “fixed” are uneven. There is like a dime-thickness difference between these two boards, the edges are sharp, and you can feel them with your bare feet. They return again to re-do the job next week. Will it ever end? Sigh…

Finally, I finished piecing Prickly Pear. It’s square, I just didn’t get a very good angle (it’s on the floor). I just have to put on the facing and hanging sleeve. But it’s done.

I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find my beads so I made French knots. And then I found the beads. 1-IMG_1484

Lastly, I got some giftwrapping done. All this was yesterday. I hit the wall about 7 PM. I made the best pot roast we ever had and I did it in a Dutch oven in the oven. I did not use the Crock-Pot. It was light-years better, just sayin’.

I find this rather amusing…I am not in the shot. I took the picture, but you can’t see my reflection. Uh oh, this can’t be good.1-IMG_1488-001

A very busy week ahead!


  1. Oven beats crock pot 100% of the time.

  2. You are multi-talented !! And organized .... ! The cactus is wonderful and I think the knots are a good choice vs beads...doesn't need the sparkle. Does it have a home?
    Enjoying the house updates....

    Strange about you disappearing.....maybe you should consider eating grains again !!

  3. Your gold tree is beautiful. I wanted an all silver one this year but got overruled and I'm okay with that. Love your new path. You have to love workmen who know what they are doing. And the red flower on your cactus is perfect!


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