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Today’s post is a variety of things, a real bowl of granola. Which is something I miss, come to think of it. I have been eating low carb for nine months now and, while I weigh nearly thirty pounds less and feel ten years younger, I miss things like granola and potatoes. I do have a taste now and then when the opportunity presents itself; I seem to be able to do that without going completely off the rails. I ate a big fat brownie at my book club’s holiday party and I felt like crap for a whole day.

We have had a good soaking (rain), and we are all gobsmacked by the green hills around here. We don’t see a lot of green, and we’re all amazed by how quickly the hills turned green. This is the view out my back “yard,” taken through the fence.1-IMG_1499

We got a delivery yesterday…what is it! 1-IMG_1497

It’s my new hot tub! Yay!! Thank you, Santa! Jim watches from a safe distance. We both wear droopy drawers around here because our clothes are too big. And these used to be his tight ones!  1-IMG_1501

I haven’t shown you the finished pavers and walls. Looks nice, huh. You can see the walls and the house are really wet from the rain.1-IMG_1492

After that we went to Savannah’s Christmas recital. The kids, all first-graders, were so cute. Savannah is the blonde in the center of the photo, but check out the kid in the blue hat. Priceless! Taken with my cell phone because we had to hurry and I forgot my camera.

That evening we went to Newport Beach to see the Boat Parade of Lights. We ate at this restaurant, The Harborside, which was surprisingly pretty good.

As we dined we watched the boats pass by. I brought my camera this time but didn’t take a picture because we were inside, so I stole this one.boatparade

Because Savannah was so hopped up on sugar (I don’t think she ate anything but ketchup, chocolate milk and ice cream), we cruised around the Fun Zone for a while. Remember “Big?”1-IMG_1504

Savannah wanted to do the bungee jumping thing. 1-IMG_1508

Here’s what it looked like with the flash.1-IMG_1511


  1. This granola is Good!


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